PTE Academic reading collocation list 14


PTE Academic reading collocation list 14

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2241 (be) strongly adv correlated vpp (with)
2242 strongly adv disagree v
2243 (be) strongly adv influenced vpp (by)
2244 (be) strongly adv linked vpp
2245 (be) strongly adv opposed vpp
2246 (be) strongly adv related vpp (to)
2247 strongly adv suggest v
2248 structural adj adjustment n
2249 structural adj change n
2250 structural adj element n
2251 structural adj feature n
2252 structural adj properties n
2253 subject adj area n
2254 subsequent adj analysis n
2255 subsequent adj chapter n
2256 subsequent adj development n
2257 subsequent adj study n
2258 subsequent adj work n
2259 (a) substantial adj amount n (of)
2260 substantial adj difference n
2261 substantial adj evidence n
2262 substantial adj number n
2263 substantial adj part n
2264 substantially adv different adj
2265 successful adj implementation n
2266 sufficient adj condition n
2267 sufficient adj detail n
2268 sufficient adj evidence n
2269 sufficient adj information n
2270 sufficient adj resources n
2271 superior adj performance n
2272 support (an) v argument n
2273 supporting adj evidence n
2274 survey n data n
2275 symbiotic adj relationship n
2276 systematic adj analysis n
2277 systematic adj approach n
2278 systematic adj study n
2279 tacit adj knowledge n
2280 take v initiative n
2281 take v precedence n (over)
2282 take v responsibility n
2283 take (a) v role n (in)
2284 take (an) v approach n
2285 take into v consideration n
2286 take on (the) role v role n (of, as)
2287 take up (the) v role n (of, as)
2288 target n audience n
2289 teaching n strategy n
2290 technical adj aspect n
2291 technical adj assistance n
2292 technical adj detail n
2293 technical adj expertise n
2294 technical adj issue n
2295 technical adj knowledge n
2296 technical adj problem n
2297 technical adj skill n
2298 technical adj support n
2299 technical adj term n

PTE Academic reading collocation list 14

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2300 technological adj advances n
2301 technological adj change n
2302 technological adj development n
2303 technological adj innovation n
2304 technological adj progress n
2305 test n score n
2306 test (a) v theory n
2307 textual adj analysis n
2308 thematic adj analysis n
2309 theoretical adj analysis n
2310 theoretical adj approach n
2311 theoretical adj basis n
2312 theoretical adj concept n
2313 theoretical adj debate n
2314 theoretical adj framework n
2315 theoretical adj issue n
2316 theoretical adj model n
2317 theoretical adj perspective n
2318 theoretical adj study n
2319 theoretical adj understanding n
2320 theoretical adj work n
2321 think v differently adv
2322 thinking n process n
2323 third adj party n
2324 thought n process n
2325 (be) tightly adv controlled vpp
2326 top adj management n
2327 total adj income n
2328 totally adv different adj
2329 traditional adj approach n
2330 traditional adj culture n
2331 traditional adj form n
2332 traditional adj method n
2333 traditional adj practice n
2334 traditional adj research n
2335 traditional adj society n
2336 traditional adj value n
2337 traditional adj view n
2338 transferable adj skill n
2339 transmit v data n
2340 transmit v information n
2341 transport n system n
2342 treat v differently adv
2343 treat v equally adv
2344 typical adj example n
2345 ultimate adj goal n
2346 undergo adj transformation n
2347 underlying adj assumption n
2348 underlying adj cause n
2349 underlying adj principle n
2350 underlying adj process n
2351 underlying adj reason n
2352 underlying adj structure n
2353 undertake v research n
2354 undertake v work n
2355 undertake (an) v activity n
2356 unequal adj power n
2357 unfair adj treatment n
2358 unintended adj consequences n

PTE Academic reading collocation list 14


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