PTE Academic reading collocation list 15

collocation list 15

PTE Academic collocation list 15

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2359 unique adj individual n
2360 unique adj opportunity n
2361 unique adj position n
2362 (be) universally adv accepted vpp
2363 unlimited adj access n
2364 unskilled adj worker n
2365 urban adj area n
2366 urban adj centre n
2367 urban adj design n
2368 urban adj development n
2369 urban adj environment n
2370 use v criteria n
2371 use v effectively adv
2372 use v resources n
2373 use v sparingly adv
2374 use v statistics n
2375 use (a) v format n
2376 use (a) v method n
2377 use (a) v methodology n
2378 use (a) v procedure n
2379 use (a) v source n
2380 use (a) v strategy n
2381 use (a) v technique n
2382 use (a) v theory n
2383 use (an) v approach n
2384 use (the) v analysis n
2385 use (the) v definition n
2386 use (the) concept v concept n
2387 use (the) data v data n
2388 useful adj information n
2389 useful adj material n
2390 useful adj means n
2391 useful adj source n
2392 useful adj summary n
2393 useful adj tool n
2394 valid adj argument n
2395 valuable adj information n
2396 valuable adj resources n
2397 various adj aspects n
2398 vary v considerably adv
2399 vary v greatly adv
2400 vary v significantly adv
2401 vary v widely adv
2402 varying adj degree n
2403 (a) vast adj amount n (of)
2404 vast adj area n
2405 (a) vast adj array n (of)
2406 vast adj majority n
2407 vast adj number n
2408 vast adj quantities n (of)
2409 (a) vast adj range n (of)
2410 verbal adj communication n
2411 verbal adj language n
2412 vested adj interest n
2413 virtual adj community n
2414 virtually adv impossible adj
2415 visual adj image n
2416 visual adj media n
2417 visual adj perception n

PTE Academic collocation list 15

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2418 visual adj representation n
2419 (be of) vital adj importance n
2420 vital adj part n
2421 vital adj role n
2422 vulnerable adj group n
2423 welfare n reform n
2424 well adv aware adj
2425 well adv designed vpp
2426 (be) well adv documented vpp
2427 well adv educated vpp
2428 (be) well adv established vpp
2429 well adv received vpp
2430 western adj democracy n
2431 western adj society n
2432 western adj tradition n
2433 whole adj area n
2434 whole adj period n
2435 (a) whole adj range n (of)
2436 wide adj area n
2437 (a) wide adj array n (of)
2438 (a) wide adj range n (of)
2439 wide adj variation n
2440 (be) widely adv accepted vpp
2441 (be) widely adv adopted vpp
2442 widely adv available adj
2443 (be) widely adv believed vpp
2444 widely adv different adj
2445 (be) widely adv discussed vpp
2446 (be) widely adv dispersed vpp
2447 (be) widely adv distributed vpp
2448 (be) widely adv known vpp
2449 widely adv read vpp
2450 (be) widely adv recognized vpp
2451 (be) widely adv regarded vpp (as)
2452 widely adv shared vpp
2453 (be) widely adv used vpp
2454 wider adj audience n
2455 wider adj community n
2456 wider adj context n
2457 wider adj implications n
2458 wider adj issue n
2459 wider adj public n
2460 wider adj society n
2461 widespread adj acceptance n
2462 widespread adj belief n
2463 widespread adj support n
2464 widespread adj use n
2465 work v effectively adv
2466 written adj comment n
2467 written adj communication n
2468 written adj statement n
2469 younger adj generation n


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