PTE Academic reading collocation list 6

PTE Academic reading collocation list 6

collocation list 6

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1002 higher adj education n
1003 (be) highly adv charged vpp
1004 highly adv competitive adj
1005 highly adv complex adj
1006 highly adv controversial adj
1007 (be) highly adv correlated vpp (with)
1008 highly adv critical adj
1009 highly adv dependent adj
1010 highly adv desirable adj
1011 (be) highly adv developed vpp
1012 (be) highly adv educated vpp
1013 highly adv effective adj
1014 highly adv efficient adj
1015 highly adv influential adj
1016 highly adv likely adj
1017 highly adv problematic adj
1018 highly adv relevant adj
1019 highly adv selective adj
1020 highly adv sensitive adj
1021 highly adv significant adj
1022 highly adv skilled adj
1023 highly adv sophisticated adj
1024 (be) highly adv structured vpp
1025 highly adv successful adj
1026 highly adv unlikely adj
1027 (be) highly adv valued vpp
1028 highly adv variable adj
1029 historical adj account n
1030 historical adj analysis n
1031 historical adj background n
1032 historical adj change n
1033 historical adj circumstances n
1034 historical adj context n
1035 historical adj data n
1036 historical adj development n
1037 historical adj event n
1038 historical adj evidence n
1039 historical adj factors n
1040 historical adj interpretation n
1041 historical adj knowledge n
1042 historical adj period n
1043 historical adj perspective n
1044 historical adj reality n
1045 historical adj record n
1046 historical adj roots n
1047 historical adj study n
1048 historical adj writing n
1049 historically adv specific adj
1050 hold (a) v conference n
1051 holistic adj approach n
1052 homogeneous adj group n
1053 (a) huge adj amount n (of)
1054 human adj activity n
1055 human adj behaviour n
1056 human adj interaction n
1057 human adj society n
1058 human adj species n
1059 (be) ideally adv suited vpp
1060 identify v factors n

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PTE Academic reading collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1061 identify v features n
1062 identify (a) v problem n
1063 identify (a) v way n
1064 identify (an) v area n
1065 identify (an) v issue n
1066 immediate adj environment n
1067 immediately adv apparent adj
1068 immediately adv following adj
1069 immediately adv obvious adj
1070 immediately adv preceding adj
1071 imported adj goods n
1072 imported adj products n
1073 impose v constraints n
1074 impose v limitations n
1075 impose v restrictions n
1076 improved adj performance n
1077 increase v awareness n
1078 increase v dramatically adv
1079 increase (the) v likelihood n
1080 increased adj awareness n
1081 increased adj competition n
1082 increased adj demand n
1083 increased adj importance n
1084 increased adj interest n
1085 increased adj level n
1086 increased adj number n
1087 increased adj pressure n
1088 increased adj production n
1089 increased adj productivity n
1090 increased adj risk n
1091 increasing adj awareness n
1092 increasing adj complexity n
1093 increasing adj demand n
1094 increasing adj emphasis n
1095 increasing adj importance n
1096 increasing adj interest n
1097 increasing adj pressure n
1098 (a) increasing adj proportion n (of)
1099 increasing adj tendency n
1100 increasing adj trend n
1101 increasingly adv aware adj
1102 increasingly adv common adj
1103 increasingly adv complex adj
1104 increasingly adv difficult adj
1105 increasingly adv important adj
1106 increasingly adv popular adj
1107 increasingly adv sophisticated adj
1108 independent adj state n
1109 independent adj variable n
1110 indigenous adj people n
1111 indigenous adj population n
1112 individual adj behaviour n
1113 individual adj case n
1114 individual adj characteristics n
1115 individual adj choice n
1116 individual adj component n
1117 individual adj differences n
1118 individual adj element n
1119 individual adj experience n


PTE Academic reading collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1120 individual adj interests n
1121 individual adj item n
1122 individual adj needs n
1123 individual adj response n
1124 individual adj responsibility n
1125 individual adj rights n
1126 individual adj variable n
1127 individual adj variation n
1128 industrial adj capitalism n
1129 industrial adj country n
1130 industrial adj development n
1131 industrial adj production n
1132 industrial adj society n
1133 industrialized adj country n
1134 industrialized adj nation n
1135 (be) inextricably adv linked vpp (to, with)
1136 infinite adj number n
1137 information n flow n
1138 information n gathering n
1139 information n processing n
1140 information n retrieval n
1141 information n sharing n
1142 informed adj consent n
1143 initial adj period n
1144 initial adj phase n
1145 initial adj position n
1146 initial adj research n
1147 initial adj stage n
1148 institutional adj arrangement n
1149 institutional adj context n
1150 institutional adj framework n
1151 institutional adj structure n
1152 institutional adj support n
1153 integral adj part n
1154 integrated adj approach n
1155 integrated adj system n
1156 intellectual adj property n
1157 intellectual adj work n
1158 intensive adj study n
1159 interested adj party n
1160 internal adj affairs n
1161 internal adj conflict n
1162 internal adj control n
1163 internal adj market n
1164 internal adj organ n
1165 internal adj structure n
1166 international adj agreement n
1167 international adj body n
1168 international adj community n
1169 international adj conference n
1170 international adj context n
1171 international adj journal n
1172 international adj organization n
1173 international adj treaty n
1174 internet n access n
1175 interpersonal adj relationships n
1176 interpersonal adj skills n
1177 interpret v data n
1178 intimate adj relationship n

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