PTE Academic reading collocation list 7

reading pte academic

PTE Academic reading collocation list 7

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1179 (be) intimately adv connected vpp (to, with)
1180 intrinsic adj value n
1181 introduce v legislation n
1182 introductory adj chapter n
1183 introductory adj section n
1184 introductory adj text n
1185 keenly adv aware adj
1186 key adj area n
1187 key adj aspect n
1188 key adj characteristic n
1189 key adj component n
1190 key adj concept n
1191 key adj element n
1192 key adj factor n
1193 key adj feature n
1194 key adj findings n
1195 key adj issue n
1196 key adj objective n
1197 key adj player n
1198 key adj policy n
1199 key adj principle n
1200 key adj role n
1201 key adj source n
1202 key adj text n
1203 key adj theme n
1204 key adj topic n
1205 large adj majority n
1206 large adj percentage n
1207 large adj portion n
1208 (a) large adj proportion n (of)
1209 large adj quantities n (of)
1210 (a) large adj range n (of)
1211 (be) largely adv based vpp (on)
1212 (be) largely adv confined vpp (to)
1213 (be) largely adv determined vpp (by)
1214 (be) largely adv ignored vpp
1215 (be) largely adv responsible adj (for)
1216 later adj work n
1217 later adj writings n
1218 lead to (the) v conclusion n
1219 leading adj role n
1220 learning adj activity n
1221 learning n difficulties n
1222 learning n environment n
1223 learning n objective n
1224 learning n outcome n
1225 learning n process n
1226 learning n resources n
1227 learning n strategy n
1228 legal adj action n
1229 legal adj basis n
1230 legal adj framework n
1231 legal adj issue n
1232 legal adj obligation n
1233 legal adj position n
1234 legal adj proceedings n
1235 legal adj protection n
1236 legal adj requirement n
1237 legal adj right n

pte academic

PTE Academic collocation list 7

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1238 legal adj rule n
1239 legal adj status n
1240 legal adj system n
1241 legislative adj measures n
1242 legislative adj power n
1243 liberal adj democracy n
1244 lifelong adj learning n
1245 likely adj impact n
1246 likely adj outcome n
1247 limited adj access n
1248 limited adj capacity n
1249 limited adj information n
1250 limited adj opportunity n
1251 (a) limited adj range n (of)
1252 limited adj resources n
1253 linear adj relationship n
1254 literal adj interpretation n
1255 literal adj meaning n
1256 (in a) literal adj sense n
1257 literary adj text n
1258 literary adj tradition n
1259 little adj evidence n
1260 little adj impact n
1261 little adj information n
1262 little adj research n
1263 little adj significance n
1264 living adj conditions n
1265 living adj organism n
1266 living adj standard n
1267 local adj area n
1268 local adj authority n
1269 local adj circumstances n
1270 local adj community n
1271 local adj culture n
1272 local adj economy n
1273 local adj government n
1274 logical adj approach n
1275 logical adj argument n
1276 logical adj conclusion n
1277 long adj duration n
1278 long adv established adj
1279 longitudinal adj study n
1280 low adj income n
1281 low adj intensity n
1282 low adj level n
1283 low adj percentage n
1284 low adj priority n
1285 low adj probability n
1286 low adj profile n
1287 low adj quality n
1288 low adj status n
1289 low adj turnover n
1290 low adj unemployment n
1291 low/er adj frequency n
1292 lower adj class n
1293 main adj area n
1294 main adj argument n
1295 main adj category n
1296 main adj characteristics n

PTE Academic reading collocation list 7

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1297 main adj component n
1298 main adj element n
1299 main adj factor n
1300 main adj feature n
1301 main adj findings n
1302 main adj focus n
1303 main adj function n
1304 main adj issue n
1305 main adj principle n
1306 main adj source n
1307 main adj task n
1308 main adj theme n
1309 (be) mainly adv concerned vpp (with)
1310 maintain v contact n
1311 major adj advantage n
1312 major adj area n
1313 major adj cause n
1314 major adj challenge n
1315 major adj change n
1316 major adj component n
1317 major adj concern n
1318 major adj contribution n
1319 major adj decision n
1320 major adj difference n
1321 major adj factor n
1322 major adj feature n
1323 major adj focus n
1324 major adj impact n
1325 major adj implications n
1326 major adj influence n
1327 major adj issue n
1328 major adj part n
1329 major adj problem n
1330 major adj reason n
1331 major adj role n
1332 major adj shift n
1333 major adj source n
1334 major adj theme n
1335 make v adjustments n
1336 make v arrangements n
1337 make v available adj
1338 make v aware adj
1339 make v contact n
1340 make (a) v contribution n
1341 make v explicit adj
1342 make v policy n
1343 make v provision n
1344 make v visible adj
1345 make (a) v comment n
1346 make (a) v distinction n
1347 make (a) v living n
1348 make (a) v prediction n
1349 make (a) v recommendation n
1350 make (a) v statement n
1351 make (a) v transition n
1352 make (an) v argument n
1353 make (an) v assessment n
1354 make (an) v assumption n
1355 make (an) v impact n


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