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PTE Academic speaking describe image tips | Practice framework

PTE Describe Image tips

1. Be familiar with types of image

There are few kind of images that may appear in this section, so you need to get yourself familiar with it hence you will not go panic even if you encounter one. Imagine going for the same movie, again and again, boring huh? ok, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is learning to expect the type of movies you are going to watch, so it would be worthwhile for your money and, of course, your precious time.

During the test, do not be surprised if you encounter a picture, line graph, bar graph, pie chart, map, table,  process graph, and even Venn diagram. If you do get something new, let me know in the comment section.

Types of Describe Image in PTE speaking

A picture:

describe image tips

Bar graph:

describe image tips

Pie chart:

describe image tips


describe image tips


describe image tips

Process graph

describe image tips

Venn diagram

describe image tips

Describe image practice tips| Describe Image practice framework

2. Get yourself a framework

You can use below framework when describing an image. Remember you only have 40 seconds to speak, so make use of it and do not speak beyond the timing. Otherwise, the system would mark your answer as incomplete.

What you need to speak about:

A. Overview
The chart shows the future trends in the percentage of American citizens over 65 years old.

B. Point 1
In 2010, about 13 percent of US citizens were over 65. This figure is predicted to rise steadily so that by 2035, it will be 20 percent.

C. Point 2:
Between 2010 and 2030, the rise will be quite steady whereas, between 2030 and 2035, the rise is less significant. – suggesting that the increase in the aging population may peak shortly after 2035.

D. Conclusion/Prediction.
However, the rise will have serious implications in areas such as the provision of government services.

Often the image will have too many details, do not get yourself overwhelmed by this, you only need to identify two points and you can ignore the rest.
Keep in mind that the test is not designed for you to speak about all the details, it is not possible in such short period of time.

#3. Practice, review, repeat

My last tip would be a simple one, keep your smartphone ready, then record your answer and review. Make sure you have finished your last sentence before it hit the 40-seconds mark, aim for 38-39 seconds.

Good luck!

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PTE Academic speaking describe image tips for easy explanation


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21 thoughts on “PTE Academic speaking describe image tips | Practice framework

  1. The picture illustrates view of the city probably it might be taken from top of the hill or mountain.
    If you closely watch the picture ,In the foreground you can see many small and low buildings might be home for poor people .
    And at the background you can see many tall buildings and skyscrapers which may houses for rich people.
    Poor people comes to city to earn and have better life.

    Please correct this if you find any grammatical errors .

  2. This picture showing a city ,As we can see there is slum area near the lake and there has lot of houses where poor people are living .behind that slum area there are many skyscrapers which are the tallest buildings and they have almost 30 to 40 floors and some buildings are under construction.we can assume that this picture was taken from the top of the building.

  3. 1. The picture is taken from the hill or could be from the tallest building. At the foreground, there is a slum area where poor people live. They small house made at the bank of the river or lake. At the background, there are some skyscrapers which may house rich people and probably the business centres where poor people come for a work.

  4. Image 7. This venn diagram illustrates the similarities and differences between Frogs and Todds. There are 3-4 things common between them e.g both are Amphibians and lay eggs as well as eat insects. Frogs live in waters whereas Todds live on lands. Frogs are having a slimy skin with long back as compare to the Todds who has bumpy skin and short back and they both have legs too.

  5. I do two times pte exam, in class test I got 70+ in speaking but in exam I got just only 37 how is it possible, moreover my exam was so good.

  6. I got 70+ in speaking in the class test but in real exam my scores are declined on 37, how is it possible beacuse my exam was good. can u help me?

    1. Hi Mandeep,
      As you now know that real exam is very different to class test.
      Practice & Prepare yourself for the exam under distracting environment.
      Did you check your microphone setting during the exam?

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