PTE Academic writing sample essay good schools and medical facilities are available only in cities


In many countries, good schools and medical facilities are available only in cities. Some people think new teachers and doctors should work in rural areas for a few years, but others think everyone should be free to choose where they work. Discuss and give your own opinion.


As a big gap is there between the urban and rural areas, some people opine that teachers and doctors who are fresh out of college should work in villages for a few years. However, others believe that the choice of where to work should be left on the teachers and doctors. In this essay I shall discuss the merits and demerits of both approaches and finally give my opinion.

There are many advantages of having teachers and doctors work in rural areas. Firstly, the people in the villages will have access to medical care and education which they are deprived of normally. Secondly, it would be good for the teachers and doctors who are fresh from university to translate their theoretical knowledge into practice.  In urban areas there already so many experienced teachers and doctors. Therefore, people would naturally not opt for fresh ones. In a rural setting, they would gain a lot of confidence very early on in their career. Finally, a few of these doctors and teachers may choose to live permanently in those villages to serve humanity.


On the other hand, this compulsory policy may have some negative effects. To begin with, we belong to a democratic country and everyone has a right to work where one pleases. Such enforcement may result in working passively and there will be no motivation. So the rural residents may not get appropriate treatment and service. Secondly, fewer and fewer students would choose such majors and careers and so, in the long run, there would be a shortage of such professionals.

In my opinion, it would be better to have such a rule. It would be a win-win situation for both, rural people and the professionals. It would also help to bridge the gap between the cities and the countryside. The government can, however, make fresh teachers and doctors want to work in the rural areas by offering higher salaries and other incentives.

To put it in a nutshell, it could be said that, sending doctors and teachers to rural areas would be an ideal situation but the government should offer some financial and non-financial schemes to the fresh doctors and teachers so that they will go to such areas and work with full zeal and energy.


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2 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing sample essay good schools and medical facilities are available only in cities

  1. The well-established civil facilities in cities are one of the key contributing factors to the rural-urban shift. However, people have different opinions regarding whether these inexperienced teachers and doctors should work in the rural areas. In this essay, both sides will be examined.

    On one hand, educational and medical workers are able to enhance their working skills significantly compared to those who stay in cities. Because it is human nature to stimulate their potentials under a poor condition. For example, our ancestors learnt how to use fire and stone to strike beasts in the stone-age. However, one problem associated with this phenomenon is that people who have lived in the remote areas for a long period of time may have problems in reintegrating into the city lifestyle. Consequently, what would happen is that they might be unable to get used to the cut-throat competition that undermines confidence and working passion.

    On the other hand, everyone should respect the fact that individuals are entitled to do anything they want. In contrast, if medical workers are sent to a distant place against their will, perhaps they could become less productive, showing a negative attitude towards career. Nevertheless, when it comes to the freedom of personal choice, people need to consider the influence of their behaviours. If all teachers opt to work in the city schools, then the education quality at the other side of the mountain would become cumbersome. Needless to say, the gap between urban and rural places would not be diminished

    To conclude, I believe that young teachers and doctors should be sent to rural places for the sake of their personal prospects. However, we shall not forget that the final choice is given to them.

  2. There is the vast difference in the urban and rural facilities in this modern globe. Some people contend that teachers and doctors who are fresh out from the university should work in the rural area for few years. However, other believe that choice of where to work depend on the individual. In this essay, I shall explain advantage and disadvantage of both sides of view and give my opinion on it.
    There are many advantages of having teachers and doctors work in villages. Firstly, the people in the village will access the good quality of medical care and benchmark education for their children which they are deprived normally in the rural area. Besides, It would be better for the fresh teachers and doctors to utilize their theoretical knowledge in form of the practical. In a rural area, the doctors and the teachers are gaining the more confidence in the life than urban area as result of that many doctors and teachers would decide to make their career in the villages.
    On the contrary, The compulsory police give adverse affect to the rural people. To begin with, we belong to democratic country so all people have right to work where they want. Such persecution may result in working passively and there will be no motivation. The villagers would not only get proper treatment of medical but also their children would not get the proper education. In future many students would not enroll that type of profession as result of it would be short of professional people in the future.
    In a nutshell, The government should make the rule for the fresh graduate from university to work few years in the rural area with the attractive salary packages along with the benefit of incentive to fill the energy in the new graduates.

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