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PTE listening exercise-summarize spoken text practice 9

You may get 2-3 summarize spoken text in the exam. You will hear a short lecture. Write a summary of the lecture using 50-70 words. You will have 10 minutes to finish the task. written transcript of the audio is provided for practice purposes.


Transcript (for practice only)

Exercise and keeping a healthy weight are two things that doctors say might help women lower their risk of breast cancer. Mothers may reduce their risk if they breastfeed for at least four months.  For older women, hormone replacement therapy can lower the risk of some other diseases.  But it has been found to increase the risk of breast cancer. So women should consider their choices carefully.  The same may be said for diet.

New findings show that younger women who eat a lot of red meat have higher rates of breast cancers called hormone-receptor positive.  The growth is fed by the levels of estrogen or another hormone, progesterone, in the body. Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, reported the findings as part of a health study of nurses.  The researchers followed the health of more than ninety thousand women from nineteen ninety-one to two thousand three.

Those who ate the most red meat ate more than one and one-half servings a day.  A serving was defined as roughly eighty-four grams.  Those who ate the least red meat ate less than three servings a week. This is what the study found about breast cancers that were hormone receptor-positive: The women who ate the most red meat were almost two times as likely to get them as the women who ate the least of it.

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People have been using herbs and spices for thousands of years. Generally, herbs come from the green leaves of plants or vegetables. Spices come from other parts of plants and trees. For example, cinnamon comes from the hard outer cover of cinnamon plants. The spice ginger comes from the part of the ginger plant that grows underground.

Some herbs and spices are valued for their taste. They help to sharpen the taste of many foods. Others are chosen for their smell. Still others were used traditionally for health reasons.

Some herbs and spices may be gaining importance in modern medicine. For example, American researchers say red pepper could help people seeking to lose weight. They say this could be especially true for people who do not usually add spices to their food.

Researchers from Purdue University reported about the effects of red pepper in the journal Physiology & Behavior. They found that small changes in diet, like adding the pepper, may reduce the desire to eat.

The spice used in the study was dried and ground cayenne red pepper. Cayenne is a chili pepper. Most chili peppers contain capsaicin — a substance that makes chili peppers hot. Other studies have shown that capsaicin can reduce hunger and burn calories, the energy stored in food.

PTE listening exercise-summarize spoken text practice

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27 thoughts on “PTE listening exercise-summarize spoken text practice 9

  1. The speaker says regular exercise and breastfed can prevent breast cancer in young women whereas in older woman the chances get high if they undergo hormone replacement. In addition to this, Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, observed the health of more than ninety thousand women from nineteen ninety-one to two thousand three and found that woman who consumes red meat are more likely to get cancer.

  2. The lecture was about herbs and spices. The speaker was explaining about how herbs and spices made from as well as how they use in the food. According to lecturer both used for medicine which is useful for health. American researcher found a great advantage from red peppers to loss weight as well as desire to eat.

  3. The lecture delineates the talk about use of herbs and spices for the different purposes like taste smell and health benefits. It has been discovered that the red pepper could be used to loose weight due to the presence of a chemical which helps in supressing the desire of hunger. Hence, the medicinal properties of the herbs and spices could be used to deal the health issues without any side effects.

  4. The lecturer was talking about the herbs and spices. People use the herb and spices because of their smell, taste and health effect. Based on scientific research, spices can be helpful for losing weight and can have psychological effects.

  5. The lecture was about herbs and spices. As herbs are produced from green leaves of plants and vegetables and some spices grow under ground like zinger and some from outer body of parent plant. Herbs are valued for their tastes, some for their smell, perhaps herbs gained importance for their health reasons like red pepper which is known to reduce weight, as it affects on physiological and behaviour of a human being, by reducing the desire to eat.

  6. The lecture was about herbs and spices, where it come from and what is the purpose and values for both i.e some use for taste and others for smell. Some modern researches also conduct on spices, and observe red pepper effect on people, and also explain how it is important to reduce weight and burn calories.

  7. The lecture was on difference between herbs and spices, where speakers given some detail information of both that herbs are made from vegetable and green leaves whereas spices are manufactured from plants ,tress and ginger plant. However both speakers described the effect of peppers special the red pepper .

  8. The speaker talks about herbs and spices, ginger a spices grow underground but herbs especially valued for their smell. It is important to gain according to, American research red pepper helps to loss weight and also prude university found it effect if small change in diet. In study chili pepper contain capsicion which is known as a red hot powder.

  9. The Lecture was about the importance of herbs and spices and how it enhance the food and also it has other health related benefits . Researcher said that there are spices which are derived from trees ,leaves and plants . They are either dried up or consume in powdered form, the spices like ginger, red pepper and cayenne even improves food tastes and also is used to reduce weight.

  10. The lecture was about spice and herbs, The speaker explains that herbs comes from green leaves plant and vegetable and spice comes from others plant trees and plants. According to speakers both are used for medicine which is good for health.

  11. People having been eating herbs and spices for over thousands of years. Generally herbs are collected from green leaves and vegetables whereas spices are found from other parts of plants. Some spices are used for taste, some for adding flavors and smells to food. There are also spices available that can be used for health purposes. Some spices are very hot and may reduce hunger and burn calories as well.

  12. Much emphasis was placed on herbs and spices. Something evident that was mentioned in the lecture was about people use spices to give a taste in food.It also could be used in medicine.A noteworthy point revealed in this discourse was about a research shows that red pepper is very helpful in loosing weight. The bottom line of the lecture indicated that the chilli pepper burn calories.

  13. Herbs and Spices have been in use for more than 1000 years now. Herbs are obtained from green leaves of the plants, while spices are from the other parts of it.Herbs and spices are used to add the value to taste, a good smell, health benefits, and medicines as well. Research in America proved that red pepper can be used for weight loss.

  14. The talk delineates the importance of herbs and spices, obtained from parts of plants and vegetables, in maintaining good health of people. It is by adding red pepper to food that people can not only control their hunger, but also reduce their weight. Hence, the role of spices in maintaining good health of people is instrumental indeed.

  15. The lecture was about explaining how the herbs and spices are derived, their uses in daily life like for taste of foods, smell, medicinal purposes etc. The lecture also specified that the American researchers found that adding red pepper to their food could reduce the weight while the researchers from Purdue University expressed their opinion that there might be negative effects like losing the hunger in using the spices.

  16. Lecture describe the usage of herbs and spices for the different purposes, like taste, smell and health benefits. There are some herbs gaining importance in modern medicine, like Red pepper. Researchers found the chemical in Red pepper helps to reduce desire to eat the food and can help to reduce the weight.

  17. The speaker talked about the main purposes why the use of herbs and spices very important. This is because according to the research which these herbs and spices came from the their natural environment such as plants and trees that is extracted to be use for food recipes to ensure greater tastes. Other reason is for health natural supplements in order to lose weight and enhance healthy diets.

  18. The speakers were discussing the herbs and spices and their benefits in reducing the human weight. They mentioned that, people use herbs and spices for taste while few use it for the smell and others use it for health reasons. They described about their utilization in modern medicine. They suggested that red pepper also know as chili pepper helps in reducing the weight by reducing the hunger and burning calories.

  19. Obtained from various parts of plants, herbs and spices have been in use over thousands of years for reasons ranging from their smell, enhancing taste of food and improving health. They have also gained importance in modern medicine. An example is the consumption of red pepper that is reported to aid weight loss. Research shows that addition of pepper in the diet reduces hunger and burns calories.

  20. The lecture was on the benefits of herbs and spices. It explained from where we get them. Lecturer explained how it significantly adds up a special taste into the food making it not just delicious but sharp in taste. In addition, lecturer also talked about a special substance which makes it hot and reduces hunger. Lastly, he mentioned several medical benefits of herbs and spices like helping lose weight.

  21. In this lecture the speaker was discussing about the herbs and species. Herbs comes from green leaves and species comes from other part of the plant respectively. Herbs sharpen the taste of food, smell and some health reasons. For example, American researcher found that red pepper helps in loss weight. Furthermore, people who do not add any species need to change their eating habits and should add some species.

  22. Just about all of whatever you say happens to be astonishingly appropriate and it makes me wonder why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This particular article truly did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular issue goes. But there is one particular position I am not necessarily too cozy with so while I try to reconcile that with the actual main idea of your point, allow me see exactly what the rest of your subscribers have to point out.Well done.

  23. The given lecture is about the effects and the values of Herbs and Species. Herbs are found from leave of plants and green vegetable whereas Species are found from other parts of trees. Species adds values, taste and sharpen food. It has been researched that red pepper helps in reducing weight ,it contains cayenne which has capsaicin which helps to reduce hunger as well weight.

  24. The speaker spoke about herbs and spices. While some herbs and spices are added to the food to enhance the taste, others are used for their smell and some others are used for their medicinal properties for example, red pepper. American researchers found it to be useful for weight loss and some researcher from Purdue University who studied the effects of cayenne pepper say it reduces the desire to eat and the hot capsaicin present in it burns down calories.

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