PTE listening exercise-summarize spoken text practice 9

You may get 2-3 summarize spoken text in the exam.You will hear a short lecture.Write a summary of the lecture using 50-70 words.You will have 10 minutes to finish the task.written transcript of audio is provided for practice purpose.


Transcript (for practice only)

Exercise and keeping a healthy weight are two things that doctors say might help women lower their risk of breast cancer.Mothers may reduce their risk if they breastfeed for at least four months. For older women, hormone replacement therapy can lower the risk of some other diseases. But it has been found to increase the risk of breast cancer.So women should consider their choices carefully. The same may be said for diet.

New findings show that younger women who eat a lot of red meat have higher rates of breast cancers called hormone-receptor positive. The growth is fed by the levels of estrogen or another hormone, progesterone, in the body.Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, reported the findings as part of a health study of nurses. The researchers followed the health of more than ninety thousand women from nineteen ninety-one to two thousand three.

Those who ate the most red meat ate more than one and one-half servings a day. A serving was defined as roughly eighty-four grams. Those who ate the least red meat ate less than three servings a week.This is what the study found about breast cancers that were hormone receptor-positive: The women who ate the most red meat were almost two times as likely to get them as the women who ate the least of it.

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People have been using herbs and spices for thousands of years. Generally, herbs come from the green leaves of plants or vegetables. Spices come from other parts of plants and trees. For example, cinnamon comes from the hard outer cover of cinnamon plants. The spice ginger comes from the part of the ginger plant that grows underground.

Some herbs and spices are valued for their taste. They help to sharpen the taste of many foods. Others are chosen for their smell. Still others were used traditionally for health reasons.

Some herbs and spices may be gaining importance in modern medicine. For example, American researchers say red pepper could help people seeking to lose weight. They say this could be especially true for people who do not usually add spices to their food.

Researchers from Purdue University reported about the effects of red pepper in the journal Physiology & Behavior. They found that small changes in diet, like adding the pepper, may reduce the desire to eat.

The spice used in the study was dried and ground cayenne red pepper. Cayenne is a chili pepper. Most chili peppers contain capsaicin — a substance that makes chili peppers hot. Other studies have shown that capsaicin can reduce hunger and burn calories, the energy stored in food.

PTE listening exercise-summarize spoken text practice

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