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PTE writing practice-summarize written text paragraphs 93

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You will have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.Never has there been the slightest whisper of doubt, the slightest want of faith, in the chief God of America — unlimited belief in the future of America. The faith of Americans in their own country is religious, if not in its intensity, at any rate in its almost absolute and universal authority. It pervades the air we breathe.
The Land of Democracy has always appealed to its more enthusiastic children chiefly as a land of wonderful and more than national possibilities. Neither race nor tradition, nor the actual past, binds the American to his countrymen, but rather the future which together they are building. 
When, however, Americans talk of their country as the Land of Promise, a question may well be raised as to precisely what they mean. They mean, of course, in general, that the future will have something better in store for them individually and collectively than has the past or the present; but a very superficial analysis of this meaning discloses certain ambiguities. How is this Promise to be fulfilled? Will it fulfil itself, or does it imply certain responsibilities? If so, what responsibilities?


2.Until the middle of the nineteenth-century art had been regarded as a luxury for the rich dilettante; people heard little of it, and thought less. There was a popular belief that beautiful things were expensive. There never was a more erroneous idea. The diligent polish in order to secure nice plain surfaces, or the neat fitting of parts together, is infinitely more difficult than adding a florid casting to conceal clumsy workmanship. The mere fact that a piece of work is decorated does not show that it has cost any more in time and execution than if it were plain — frequently many hours have been saved by the device of covering up defects with cheap ornament.
A craft may easily be practiced without art, and still serve its purpose; the alliance of the two is a means of giving pleasure as well as serving utility. People suppose that because a design is artistic, its technical rendering is any the less important, but they are mistaken. Frequently curious articles are palmed off on us, and designated as “Arts and Crafts” ornaments, in which neither art nor craft plays its full share. Art does not consist only in original, unusual, or unfamiliar designs; the best art is that which produces designs of grace and appropriateness, whether they are strikingly new or not.
A medieval artist was usually a craftsman as well. He was not content with furnishing designs alone, and then handing them over to men whose hands were trained to their execution. He took his own designs and carried them out. The result was a harmony of intention and execution which is often lacking when two men of differing tastes produce one object.

PTE writing practice-summarize written text paragraphs




PTE Academic writing essay Foreign languages should be compulsory in the primary school. How far do you agree with the above statement?

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19 thoughts on “PTE writing practice-summarize written text paragraphs 93

  1. 1. American’s have intense and unwavering faith in the future of their country, which they are building collectively, and it is serving as the only binding force in this nation, but how will they achieve this promised future is questionable.

    2.Purpose of art is not to conceal clumsy workmanship, but to produces designs of grace and appropriateness without hindering the utility of the craft and this is possible only when both the traits are performed by same person.

  2. The religious and unlimited faith in America’s democracy on scrutinizing raises several questions of accountability towards the promised future as will it mature itself or require some involvement to accomplish these. (8)

    1. The physician who fight with disease and considered as the saviour from the death and physician should give honor same like always which have been given to a war winning soldier.

  3. Americans believe that the future of their country will always be brighter and prosperous than their present or past and It is this belief which keeps them binding together with their fellow countrymen but it is worthy for Americans to think that if they want this belief to come true then they will also need to find out how and what will need to be done to make this happen.

  4. We often end up buying expensive articles in the name of modern art because of their artistic designs, but fancy and decorated items may not always be a great piece of art and craft because inexpensive ornaments are mostly used to cover defects introduced as part of poor craftsmanship and it is the right execution of both art as well as craft which makes the resulting article both purposeful and precious.

  5. Americans who has great belief that country will give better in future then past or present but the question is how it will be happen.

  6. Art is truly described as a masterpiece when its design of grace and appropriateness conceived single-handedly without any unnecessary decoration covering artists defects, that later realized in nineteenth-century.

  7. Rich dilettante considers art as a luxury and expensive without knowing the erroneous idea behind it, for which artist and craftsman works together, but the harmony execution lack behind.

  8. In the nineteenth-century, things were expensive because arts were regarded as a luxury,but people think that piece of work is decorated and craft can learn by practice,moreover given the example of craftsman which is different test of two men produce one object.

  9. As a binding force of the nation, Americans hold an unwavering faith in achieving a better future collectively but how they will achieve this promised future remains questionable.

  10. In medieval times, people realized the true meaning of art and its distinction from crafts , this has been further explained by the example of a medieval artist who was a craftsman as well and produced objects which were elegant and artistic.

  11. Americans are strongly believe in god and they are hoping for a new wonderful future, for accomplish that each and every one has to fulfill their responsibility’s .

  12. Americans believe that their country is religious because of their authority over the world and the future they are building is binding Americans to their countrymen, also America promises for better future but it is not sure that these promises will be fulfilled by implying some responsilities as well.

  13. Americans are happy about their past and present which increases the expectation of better future currently displays uncertainty in fulfilling as the land of promise.

  14. It is the faith of the Americans in themselves which could help them to build a better future than past but the ambiguity and responsibility still remains a challenge.

  15. American have belief in the chief God of America that their future will always be better for everyone, but a question which arises is who will fulfill this belief of Americans.

    In nineteenth-century craft are considered a luxury item and the artist of medieval use to carry out end to end process for creating a craft, the result of craft fails when different people work on the craft, the best art produces a design of grace, but the combination of art and craft is neither of both.

  16. Americans have extreme faith in the future of America, which is binding people together; however, they have ambiguities in how much it can benefit in reality.

  17. America, the land of democracy and promise to deliver something better in future which is being built also leads to concerns on fulfilling the responsibilities by countrymen.

    Art, believed to be a luxury could be easily practiced to give pleasure and serve utility resulting in the harmony of intention and execution, can be rendered less important when two men of differing taste produce it.

  18. Americans have strong belief in their country’s future which is indeed based on firm and universal authority and this has always guided its countrymen to build the future whilst there are many uncertainties regarding how these possibilities to be fulfilled or is it burdening its people with more responsibilities.

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