Write from dictations-Most repeated questions 2020

Most repeated Write from dictations 2020

1. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.

2. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room.

3. A massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument.

4. A number of students have some volunteer jobs.

5. A party is thrown in the small meeting room.

6. A person’s education level is closely related to their economic background.

7. A recent article shows a number of interesting experiments

8. A very basic function of computing is counting and calculating.

9. Affordable housing is an important issue for all members of society.

10. The agenda item should be submitted by the end of the day.

11. All answers must be examined and supported by relevant theory.

12 All dissertations must be accompanied by a submission form.

13. All educational reforms have been inadequately implemented.

14. All industries consist of input, process, output and feedback.

15. All of your assignment should be due by tomorrow.

16. All staff must leave from the fire hydrant exit.

17. All students need to attend no less than ten labs per semester.

18. All writers are consciously or unconsciously representing their own culture.

19. Americans have progressively defined the process of plant growth and reproductive development in quantitative terms.

20. An aerial photograph was promptly registered for federal evaluations.

21. An ancient text may hold secrets which were lost centuries ago.

22. An archaeologist’s new discovery stands out in previous overlooked foundations.

23. And in that regard, as well as in other regards, it stands as an important contribution.

24. Animals raised in captivity behave differently from their wild counterparts.

25. Article numbers are collected through interesting experiments.

26. Artists are other than politicians played their own roles of cultural critics.

27. Artists, other than politicians, played their own role as critics of culture.

28. Assignments should be submitted to the department before deadline.

29 .Attracting skilled workers to the city with expensive housing is hard.

30. Avoiding confusing causes and effects of those changes.

31. Before completing the exercise, you need to read the remaining chapters.

32. Before submitting your assignment, your adviser must approve your application.

33. Behind the garage is a secret storage room.

34. Behind the garage, there is a flat car drawn by mules.

35. Below the heating controls in the middle, there is a small round plastic button.

36. Books for children often contain many bits of illustration.

37. Caged camera to see the fish.

38. Career opportunities in this field are quite limited.

39. Carefully rub contact lenses with your fingers for a thorough cleanse.

40. Celebrated theory is still a subject of controversy.

41. Celebrated theory is still a subject to a great controversy. (different version)

42. Celebrity is still the great source of controversy.

43. Certain scientific principles need to be learned verbally or by a logical deduction.

44. Chemistry building is located at the entrance to campus.

45. Climate change is a fierce phenomenon concentrated by scientists.

46. Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon among a group of reputable scientists.

47. Clinical practices in nursing prepare students in practical practices.

48. Companies want to protect their brand from negative comments.

49. Competition for the places in a course is fierce

50. Conferences ought to be scheduled two week from now

51. The ways in which people communicate are constantly changing.

52. Most of the students have not considered this issue before.

Latest write from dictations March 2020

1. Many cities are actively working on ways to reduce air pollution.
2. Students should take the training course to use the gym.
3. Fast food has become very popular with many students.
4. The computer memory of a modern computer is extended every year.
5. Sympathy is a feeling of sorrow for someone who is not happy.
6. The employment demand in engineering is increasing rapidly.
7. All mobile devices need to be switched off during the examination.
8. Journalism has undergone many changes in recent years.
9. Having clean water for a human is vital for health.
10. The workshop will show you how to search the library work.
11. The research was investigating the social attitude.
12. The key witnesses of the event of factors of your convention.
13. Economic prediction turns out to be incorrect.
14. It is possible to keep the energy of an atom in two ways.
15. The university main library will be open until midnight until next Monday.
16. Companies’ projects must adapt to general data protection regulations.
17. Money and how it is paid can affect the motivations to work.
18. There is no economic reason why public borrowing is necessarily bad.
19. For the purpose of the research, data should be collected and analyzed.
20. The deadline for the submission of this assignment is tomorrow.
21. We are phasing out the disposal cups on campus.
22. British students must study mathematics at secondary school.
23. Please make sure your applications are following the guideline provided.
24. weather patterns have changed significantly over the past two hundred years.
25. Momentum is defined as the combination of mass and velocity.
26. There is a separate reading list for each course.
27. Time is needed to complete the process of the lecture.
28. We are more able to hire postgraduate students then previously possible.
29. Member can contribute to the association of operating firm.
30. Online courses allow students to work on their own paces.
31. Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and plants.
32. Industry experts will discuss the opportunities in an optimal workforce.
33. You can ask your tutor for a further assistance.
34. Scientific experiments should be repeated in verifying the results.
35. We are able to accommodate more students than previously.
36. They develop a unique approach to train their employees.
37. Theater study courses encourage students to exercise creativity.
38. New developments in technology are influencing current research.
39. The finding shows that dark chocolate can improve your immunity mood and health.
40. Most know oil reserves last for only half a century.
41. He wrote poetry and plays as well as a scientific paper.
42. Our aim is to transform classical teaching in the classroom.
43. The terms illness and disease are confusing despite clear differences.
44. The extent of advertising effects on children is much open to debate.
45. Democracy is constantly offering a table form of government.
46. At the time, few people moved from town to the village.
47. The university seeks funding for the renovation of the lecture theater.

Prediction file for April 2020

  1. The celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy.
    2. A very basic feature of computing would be counting and calculating.
    3. All industries can be thought of as a system of input, process, output, and feedback.
    4. Animals raised in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts.
    5. Assignments should be submitted to the department office before the deadline.
    6. Climate change is now an acceptable phenomenon among reputable scientists.
    7. That means we have so many struggling overlaps.
    8. Clinical placements in nursing prepare students for professional practice.
    9. Control systems in manufacturing provide a high level of accuracy.
    10. At that time, people moved from towns to villages.
    11. Everyone must evacuate the premises during the fire drill.
    12. Many experts think that the world climate is changing.
    13. Rising inflation means increasing goods prices and decreasing demand for products.
    14. Free campus tours run daily during summer for prospective students.
    15. Good research delivers practical benefits for real people.
    16. Students are permitted to park at campus parking spaces.
    17. Education is about learning more skills for employment.
    18. Human beings compete with other species for resources and space.
    19. I thought it was through the small meeting room.
    20. If finance is a cause of concern, scholarships may be available.
    21. Inflation affects the demand, pricing and consumption of most products.
    22. It is absolutely vital that you acknowledge all your sources.
    23. It was hard to anticipate how all the different characters would react.
    24. Medical researchers have focused on different causes of diseases and treatments.
    25. Most of these features were part of the previous system.
    26. Most of these students have not considered this issue before.
    27. Mutually exclusive events can be described as either complementary or opposite.
    28. Native speakers are exempt from the language tests in their own language.
    29. Observers waited nervously and with bated breath for the concert.
    30. Our professor is hosting the business development conference.
    31. Participants initially select from a range of foundation subjects.
    32. Radio is a popular form of entertainment throughout the world.
    33. Remember, the prestigious selection has strict eligibility criteria.
    34. Resources and materials are on hold at the library reference desk.
    35. Review all your sources before drawing any conclusions.
    36. Scientists are always asking the government for more money.
    37. She used to be the editor of the student newspaper.
    38. Students have the options to live in college residences or apartments.
    39. In some countries, people live in homes made from shipping containers.
    40. Students who are successful have a good strategy for learning.

    41. Student concession cards can be obtained by completing an application form.
    42. “Supply and demand” is one of the most fundamental concepts in economics.
    43. Synopsis contains the most important information.
    44. Teaching assistants will receive a monthly stipend for housing.
    45. Food that contains antibiotics provides few or no nutrition values.
    46. The advertisement for children is open to much debate.
    47. The aerial photographs were promptly registered for thorough evaluation.
    48. The application process may take longer than it’s expected.
    49. New developments in technology are influencing current research.
    50. Most known oil reserves will only last for a half-century.
    51. The artists tied to the conservative politicians earned the roles of critics.
    52. The business policy seminar includes an internship with a local firm.
    53. The chemistry building is located near the entrance to the campus.
    54. The city’s/cities/cities’ founders created a set of rules that became law.
    55. The commissioner will portion the funds to all sovereignties .
    56. The evaluation forms will be reviewed by university personnel.
    57. The first assignment is due on the fourteenth of September.
    58. The island is located at the south end of the bay.
    59. The library holds a substantial collection of materials on the economic history.
    60. The massive accumulation of data was converted to a communicable argument.
    61. The nation achieved prosperity by opening its ports for trade.
    62. The paper challenged many previously accepted theories.
    63. The placement test of mathematics and statistics is offered every semester.
    64. The qualification will be assessed by using a criterion reference approach.
    65. The railway makes long distance travel possible for everyone.
    66. Coastal communities are vulnerable to rising sea levels.
    67. The same issues featured both explanations of the problem.
    68. The sociology department is highly regarded worldwide.
    69. The students were instructed to submit their assignments before Friday.
    70. The teacher asked the group to commence the task.
    71. The theme of the instrumental work exhibits more of a demure, compositional style.
    72. The toughest part of research for postgraduate students is funding.
    73. The ways in which people communicate are constantly changing.
    74. They were struggling last year to make their service pay.
    75. Scientific experiment should be repeated to validate it.
    76. This morning’s lecture on economic policy has been canceled.
    77. Those seeking a formal extension should contact their faculty for information.
    78. Traffic is the main cause of air pollution in many cities.
    79. Tribes vied with each other to build up a monolithic statue.
    80. When the court pronounces the sentence, the judge will see if she is regretting.

    81. We can’t consider any increase in our price at this stage.

82. We study science to understand and appreciate the world around us.
83. When workers ask for higher wages, companies often raise prices.
84. While reconciliation is desirable, basic underlying issues must first be addressed.
85. Years of training are required to become a medical specialist.
86. You are required to complete the research paper by next Monday.
87. You can contact all your tutors by email.
88. You will need to purchase an academic gown for the commencement.
89. You are required to complete the research paper by Monday
90. Your lowest quiz grade has been omitted from the calculations.
91. The reading list will be available before the course begins.
92. All Students were instructed to submit their assignments by Friday.
93. Before submitting your dissertation, your advisor/adviser must approve your application.
94. The post office will be closed on Mondays and Friday afternoon.
95. People will never learn that if life exists on other planets.
96. Making a mistake is fine, as long as you learn from it.
97. Many graduates of journalism can get jobs in the communications field.
98. Our new medical students must attend the talk about optional courses.
99. Democracy has continuously offered more stable resources from the government.
100. Before architecture was invented, humans lived in underground houses.
101. The article reflects a number of interesting experiments.
102. We have a lecture in the morning on Thursday.
103. Thousands of people turned out ahead of the prestigious election.
104. The essay contains most of the important information.
105. The poster of this play is hung in the large lecture theater [US]/theatre [UK].
106. The theme of the instrumental work exhibited more of a demure compositional style.
107. The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.
108. All the equipment must be returned to the laboratory by Friday.
109. University departments carefully monitor articles and other publications by faculty.
110. Water is heated to boiling in the flask and added to the mixture.
111. His appointment to the Minister of Culture is seen as a demotion.
112. Businesses must obey contemporary general regulations.
113. He was regarded as the foremost economist at that time.
114. Studying history can help you better understand the present.
115. The university provides different facilities for students and staff.
116. The deadline of the marketing assignment has been extended.
117. The university provides excellent legislations for students and staff.
118. Politicians need to be more practical when they are addressing these issues.
119. University departments carefully monitored articles and other publications by faculty.
120. Scientists can develop new elements in the laboratory.

121. The article extrapolates a number of very interesting experiments.
122. Information technology has changed the way we live today.
123. The university provides leisure activities for students and staff.
124. Undergraduate students may pursue their specific interests within certificate programs.
125. The commissioner will portion the funds among all the sovereignties.
126. I thought it was thrown in a small meeting room.
127. Many diseases on the list have been eradicated.
128. The urban geography degree includes the study of demography.
129. Sugar is a solid carbohydrate which is always used to sweeten food.
130. Many universities provide exchange programs to other countries.
131. There is a variety of different ways to present statistical information.
132. Rivers provide habitat and migration pathways for numerous species.
133. The finding shows that chocolate can improve memory, immunity and mood.
134. The student magazine is looking for a new editor.
135. Scholarships are available for both local and international students.
136. Libraries in many areas were closed due to the lack of funding.
137. All students have their own style of learning.
138. This course can help to deepen your appreciation of art.
139. Career mobility is very important for new graduates.
140. The amount of time spent on configuration varies considerably.
141. Parenting is difficult for parents who have shift work.
142. Please make sure your applications are following the guideline provided.
143. Lecture outlines are available on the college internal website.
144. An essay should use evidence from both primary and secondary sources.
145. We shall be studying the economy of several developing countries.
146. A surprisingly large number of students applied for that course.
147. There are places on campus where you can get meals.
148. It is an integrated course with several main elements.

149. The extent of advertising on children is very much open to debate.
150. Rising sea temperature is a sign of climate change.
151. The renowned journalism will last for half of the century.
152. Members should make concentrated contributions to associated operating funds.
153. Family life is difficult for parents who have shift work.
154. The key witnesses to the event have conflicting recollections.
155. The university’s main library will be open till midnight next Thursday.
156. Students may only park their cars in authorized university parking spaces.
157. The study of utilizing projects is funded by the university.
158. Many universities are continuously expanding postgraduate education online learning resources.

159. The ways people use in communicating are constantly changing.

160. You have the freedom to study what interests you the most.
161. Experts said reading and listening to music can reduce stress.
162. Every living thing begins as a single cell.
163. Money and how it is paid can affect the motivation to work.
164. You wrote poetry and plays as well as scientific papers.
165. Scientific experiments should be repeated to verify the results.
166. Industry experts will discuss the opportunities in an optimal workforce.
167. Having clean water for consumption is vital for health.
168. The economic predictions turned out to be incorrect.
169. The workshop will show you how to search the library catalogs/catalogs.

170. Cells are the basic building blocks of all animals and plants.
171. International aid programs have been reduced by the new government.
172. You can buy a ticket for the lecture from the school secretary.
173. The summer school allows some students to accelerate their studies.
174. The study of history can provide unique insight.
175. We are continuing to provide learning resources.
176. There are many concerns about the research, for example, financial considerations.
177. Fast food becomes more popular with many students.
178. Rail transport is becoming more and more popular.
179. There are so many food outlets on campus nowadays.
180.There have been long streams of extreme weather since human history.
181. Parents are financially responsible for their children up until they reach adulthood.
182. Mobile devices are not allowed during the examination.
183. Many companies use personality tests in the interview process.
184. For any written assignment, a detailed literature review must be performed.
185. Democracy is constantly offering a stable form of government.
186. The participation rate on language learning exceeded the expectations.
187. New media is to find new areas to study.
188. One of the key conclusions is that the development needs were met.
189. If you need a parking ticket, see me after the lecture.
190.  Artificial intelligence has made significant progress for the last few years.

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