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PTE Reading practice exercise-multiple choice single answer 10

PTE Reading practice exercise-multiple choice single answer

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

1.In linguistics, a corpus (plural corpora) is a large and structured set of texts (now usually electronically stored and processed). A corpus may be used to help linguists to analyse a language, or for the purpose of dictionary writing or language teaching. The British National Corpus (BNC) is a 100-million-word text corpus of samples of written and spoken English from a wide range of sources. The corpus covers British English of the late twentieth century from a wide variety of genres with the intention that it be a representative sample of spoken and written British English of that time.

What is a corpus according to text?

A. A type of large dictionary.
B. A single written text.
C. A tool for language analysis.

D. A sample of spoken and written British English

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PTE Reading multiple choice multiple answer practice exercise



2.A new survey reveals that a family sit-down at dinnertime may reduce a teenager’s risk of trying or using alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. The study surveyed more than 1,000 teens and found that those who dined with their families five to seven times a week were four times less likely to use alcohol, tobacco or marijuana than those who ate with their families fewer than three times a week.

A recent UK survey also found that dining together as a family is a key ingredient in ensuring a child’s happiness. Children in the survey reported higher levels of happiness when they dined together with their families at least three times a week. “Contrary to the popular belief that children only want to spend time playing video games or watching TV,” said researcher Dr. Maris Iacovou of the University of Essex, “we found that they were most happy when interacting with their parents or siblings.”

what would be the best title for the given text?

A. Children’s happiness
B. Why teenagers use alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
C. What teenagers really want
D. Why families should dine together

PTE Reading practice exercise-multiple choice single answer

3.For the first time, dictionary publishers are incorporating real, spoken English into their data. It gives lexicographers (people who write dictionaries) access to a more vibrant, up-to-date vernacular language which has never really been studied before. In one project, 150 volunteers each agreed to discreetly tie a Walkman recorder to their waist and leave it running for anything up to two weeks. Every conversation they had was recorded. When the data was collected, the length of tapes was 35 times the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. Teams of audio typists transcribed the tapes to produce a computerised database of ten million words.

Which would be most suitable heading for the paragraph?

A. New method of research

B. The first study of spoken language

C. Research on collecting data

D. Study for new words

PTE Reading practice exercise-multiple choice single answer

1. C 2. D 3. B

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7 thoughts on “PTE Reading practice exercise-multiple choice single answer 10

  1. Second one the most appropriate choice would be D, why C?
    No reference to teenager in second paragraph.
    Dine together discussed in both the paragraphs, so C suits the most.

  2. Hi Admin,
    This time I do not agree with the provided answers.

    For first question, its not a dictionary, a structured set of texts not a single text and not BNC so “tool for language analysis” sounds more correct.

    For second question, its not specific about teenager or children its all about having dine together in a family, so the title “Why families should dine together” is more appropriate.

    Please enlighten us !

    1. Goooshh……!
      By the way thank you, this portal of yours make aspirants like us capable enough to find such mistakes.
      And…….please do not commit mistakes, you are on the verge of setting a standard for online practice !

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