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PTE speaking describe image answers 20

PTE speaking describe image answers

PTE speaking describe image answers.Look at the images below and describe in detail what the image is showing.You will have 25 seconds to describe image.Model answers are given for practice purpose only.


Describe image answer

The chart describes the process of collecting data via different channels to ensure the reliability of weather report.

The whole process comprises of four stages, starting from the incoming sources of information. After an estimated outcome is generated, it will be entered and stored into a technological device such as computers. When it is well-prepared, it will be disseminated to the public.

To begin with, data is collected through satellite in the space, radar on the ground and drifting buoy in the sea. As long as this information is gained, a series of data processing will be followed such as analysis and forecasting. It is interpreted into visualised format including satellite photos, radar screen as well as a synoptic chart. The speculative result will be saved in the computer once the analysis is done, and be ready to broadcast. The public can get access to this information via different forms of media- TV newsreader, radio and recorded telephone.

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Describe image answer

The table compares the percentages of people using different functions of their mobile phones between 2006 and 2010.

Throughout the period shown, the main reason why people used their mobile phones was to make calls. However, there was a marked increase in the popularity of other mobile phone features, particularly the Internet search feature.

In 2006, 100% of mobile phone owners used their phones to make calls, while the next most popular functions were text messaging (73%) and taking photos (66%). By contrast, less than 20% of owners played games or music on their phones, and there were no figures for users doing Internet searches or recording video.

Over the following 4 years, there was relatively little change in the figures for the top three mobile phone features. However, the percentage of people using their phones to access the Internet jumped to 41% in 2008 and then to 73% in 2010. There was also a significant rise in the use of mobiles to play games and to record video, with figures reaching 41% and 35% respectively in 2010.

PTE speaking describe image answers

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  1. 2nd Image :
    The tables show the percentages of mobile phone owners using various mobile phone features from 2006 to 2010. There are seven mobile phone features are given for the same period of time. We can see from 2006 to 2010 not major changes to make call, Play games, Search the internet, record video are increasing so much from 2006 to 2010. Take photo, Send & receive text messages, Play music are stable from same period. Overall we can see all mobile phone features are used by phone owners.

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