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PTE exam overview

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is an international computer-based English language test. It accurately measures English language ability and can be used to apply to educational institutions, and professional and government organizations. The test uses task-based questions to represent the kinds of functions and situations students win find themselves in during the academic study.

Most real-life tasks in an academic setting involve using more than one language skill together. for example listening to a lecture and writing notes. PTE Academic reflects this through its 20 task types, each of which tests a combination of skills. For example, one task type asks you to demonstrate your understanding of a passage by providing a written summary, while another tests your understanding of a lecture by asking you to re-tell the lecture.
The test is divided into three main parts and lasts for approximately three hours with an optional break of ten minutes:

Part I: Speaking and writing (77-93 minutes)
Part 2: Reading (32- 41 minutes)
Part 3: Listening (45- 57 minutes

PTE tips & tricks

On this page, I have compiled links for tips and strategies for PTE exam.Below, you will find the helpful links for practice.

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