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PTE writing summarize written text practice exercise 53

PTE writing summarize written text practice exercise

PTE writing summarize written text practice exercise.Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.The first and most important creator of growing wealth disparity is technology. Machine intelligence and robotics are already systematically replacing attractive and high paying work, making a few people even wealthier, while hitting two groups especially hard: the middle aged who are difficult to re-train and the young, who find many entry-level roles now automated and have not been prepared for other, yet to be identified, roles. This affects both wealthy countries with a higher average age (e.g. Germany at 48.5 years) and some of the poorest and youngest countries (e.g Nigeria at 18.5), who can no longer compete in their traditional, labour intensive ways.

The second factor likely to exacerbate the problem is one I am somewhat embarrassed to admit as a former Dean of a business school: the declining rate of investment around the world. Uncertainty in political and economic markets, the decline in trust in institutions and the formal modelling of financial cost-benefit analysis has made us more risk averse – and less likely to invest in work-creating ideas at a time of accelerated job extinction.

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2.From millennials eager to live where they work to downsizing baby boomers to new arrivals from other provinces or from around the world, Canada’s urban populations are set to continue to grow—and their needs are evolving. Because of this, mixed-use projects combining residential, retail, and commercial components continue to thrive—and there’s a growing consensus that developers must do better when designing public spaces. Developers have responded by continuing to rethink their approach to mixed-use projects: instead of focusing on building “stand-alone” mixed-use buildings, they’re increasingly building mixed-use neighborhoods and communities that pack residential, retail, and commercial space into a dynamic whole. Most respondents noted that this type of “placemaking” is a reality that developers need to seriously consider.

PTE writing summarize written text practice exercise

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PTE Academic writing summarize written text scoring strategy for teacher/trainers

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6 thoughts on “PTE writing summarize written text practice exercise 53

  1. The two main factors contributing to the wealth disparity around the world are the fast growing Technology, that has replaced the human workers with machine intelligence and robots, and the increasing Political and Economic instability that results in a decline in rate of investments.

  2. Factors such as rapid Technology advancements, decreasing rate of investments, political and economical uncertainty are responsible for wealth inequality.

    With the changing needs of Canada’s population, developers are progressively coming up with new ideas of mixed-use projects that makes residential, retail and commercial spaces available at one place.

  3. Due to increase in Canada’s urban population, the developers are coming up with new approach of building the public places and thus focussing on building the communities that can include residential, retail, and commercial spaces close to each other.

  4. Many people have the desire to live in the place where new commerce come from different states or around the world with the combination of the buildings of residential, retail and commercial so that builders have to take into account.

  5. Due to the population’s growing and evolving needs in Canada, developers continue to use mixed-use projects and consider “placemaking” as a new approach that pack residential, retail and commercial space into a dynamic whole.

  6. Global extinction of Jobs caused by Technology that keep widening the income inequalities and age gap among different groups, in addition political and economic uncertainties in markets building Risks therefore stagnating on the other hand.

    Canada’s population and their needs growing, so as the urge for mixed-use projects, therefore developers need to take this into account while constructing residential, retail and commercial spaces for dynamic and optimal usage.

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