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How to get high score in Speaking Read Aloud-Speaking tips & strategies

PTE Read Aloud tips & strategies

PTE SpeakingRead Aloud tips & strategies

The first module you get in your exam is Speaking. The test begins with Read Aloud and you generally get 6-7 Read Aloud.Now what can be done to get a higher score in speaking read aloud Check the following read aloud tips which may you improve scores:

1) Speak at your natural pace.
2) Give stress/ emphasis on the particular keyword.
3) Take pauses if you get commas or colon etc.
4) Speak as if you are delivering a lecture and not simply reading just for the sake of completing the task. Take it as an opportunity.
5) Oral fluency and pronunciation should be kept in mind. If you don’t know how to pronounce a particular word then take help from Google or your friends and family
6) Keep a good rhythm   – try not to speak too fast or too slow.

7) Don’t pause for more than 3 seconds.

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You can practice Read Aloud by reading articles online and you may also record your voice and check how you spoke. Improvement comes from practice and practice makes you perfect

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