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Nowadays Television has become an essential part of life


Nowadays Television has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some, it acts like a companion. What is your opinion

The invention of Television around two decades back opened wide frontiers for transmission of visual communication and awareness. Since then the research and development on this has never paused, and today we have 3D and curved televisions available as well. In fact, it will be hard to find any domestic family without watching TV as a part of their daily life. It has helped in making the world a smaller place to live in by making all sorts of shows, latest news updates, and information in all areas via a wide range of channels.

Television provides a wide range of channels to choose from on tourism, travel, foods, lifestyle, news, general knowledge, movies, music, reality show and many more. In fact, the information is so useful that many people plan their holiday based on a show on tourism, they try to cook new items by following the recipe shown, become aware of all sorts of happenings in the world and least to mention the craze about sports event. For many, TV is almost indispensable as they believe it to be a friend which is always there when needed.

Television is a great time waster. We no longer have enough time for hobbies, other outside amusements like theatres, movies, sports got ignored. People have grown addicted to television, often neglecting the necessary and more important things like meals, sleep, and even work. The more the viewer watches television, the lazier they become. The TV glues them to the set instead of allowing them to go out. Television prevents people from communicating with each other which had caused harm to the relationship between family members. Families sit and watch television at dinner instead of talking with each other.

Finally, it is our duty to limit anything in too excess. The benefits which TV has brought into our daily lives cannot be denied.

Television essay Sample

As the old adage goes, “Men are distributed not by things, but by the views they take of them”.
The contentious issue at present is the issue of whether the TV is useful in lots of ways or it is only be seen as companions. People generally espouse the notion that TV is the most important way for relaxing, grabbing knowledge, taking information. I opine that TV is such a waste of time. This essay will scrutinize both the aspects of a quandary in the ensuing paragraphs.

To begin with, I will not consider what people hold to be the causes of this phenomenon in which people have very biased thinking not to pay attention to the disadvantages of TV. Furthermore, TV is having lots of genres like sports, music, drama, news and many more. They also have this mentality because from their childhood they are used to watch television as a primary source of information and knowledge. In addition, people can easily forget the stress of their hectic work life due to the TV. In a recent survey, it is known that 80% of the nation have a TV set in their home for entertainment purpose

On the other side, I firmly opine that TV is having lots of advantage but overall is the big waste of time. Similarly, I am thinking in this way because lots of people waste their precious time watching TV. Moreover, TV is not the only source of getting knowledge or having current news, but we also have smartphones in our hands which is faster than TV. As an example, more watching hour on television makes people lazy, and that directly impact on their social and economic life.
In conclusion, taking these points into consideration, from a personal perspective, without a shadow of a doubt, I am inclined to believe that TV can be seen as a companion only.

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8 thoughts on “Nowadays Television has become an essential part of life

  1. Undoubtedly, Television has become an integral and indispensable part of our life. It performs multifarious functions and has multifaceted roles to play. It telecast news, forecast weather and above all entertains us.
    Television removes loneliness of a lonely hearts and acts as a companion by entertaining them and keeping them update with the latest events happening in the world. Most importantly, TV is a part of powerful visual medium which has been playing a pivotal role in raising political consciousness even in the illiterate masses. It is no exaggeration to say that the advent of TV has been enabled people to be aware of social, political and cultural events happening around the world. Furthermore, TV has also been playing a vital role in eradicating social evil and corruption in modern society beside sensitizing people about environmental issues.
    On the other hand, Television has also brought about many ill effects into the lives of the people such as deterioration of social and family relation, as people are glued to TV and ignoring many aspects of human life like, family moments and social connection. TV has also create many bad influences on young people by showing gore, violent and vulgarism right in our drawing rooms. Moreover, TV viewing and physical and emotional health determent in children’s are closely related as excessive watching of TV and lack of physical exercise may cause lifestyle disease in them like, premature obesity and cardio vascular disease.
    To conclude, Television has enormous benefits when we use it judiciously and at the same time its misuses brings massive damage to our well being and of human society.

  2. These days TVs are found in each and every house around the world and act as a companion to many persons. It also assumed as a medium for broadcasting news or entertain people. TV has become an essential part of many lives, unfortunately.
    People used to hang out more and family members used to spend more time together in the past, paying attention to each other’s feelings. Children used to the voice of their mother and grandmothers, they were intended to play with their siblings, friends and classmates. But as TV invented and then it’s usage spread around the globe, it attracted people’s attention and replaced warm family relationships.
    While it is accepted that TVs are part of today lifestyle, I strongly disagree to let it continue this way. On the other hand when internet showed up, not only it didn’t entirely vanish usage of TV, but also it spread internet TV programs those are always available and reachable for every person in all places. This makes people more concentrated on the visual capturing of news and information so they’ll lose all of their other capabilities and become useless after time.
    As a conclusion, it is not always good to replace newspaper, books, family, and friends by TVs and people must avoid overusing TVs.

  3. These days many electronic devices have become part of our lives and television is one among them which is playing a vital role in many lives irrespective of there age. In other words, we can also say that people are getting addicted to it in terms of watching favorite programs, playing games more over browsing too in new version televisions like 4k,5k, etc. Due to this many of them are wasting their valuable time apart from doing some jobs which suit their qualifications or in reading some books which help in improving their knowledge.
    According to the recent survey conducted by the world health organization, it has been proven that most of the people are getting affected to their eyes right from childhood due to exposing to LED, LCD screens during late nights which really causes a great effect on their retina. Due to which they are getting a headache and glasses too in such a small age.
    Furthermore, their parents instead of keeping their children away from such screens they are enjoying along with them which is foolish. so, first of all, they need to have awareness regarding the problems what their children need to cost for that in the future. A little enjoyment is really gonna cost their arm and leg in future
    Overall what I would like to suggest watching television is not a good hobby if it is too long. Few writers also suggested that telivision is also known a an ideot box in their books which is true in my openion .

  4. Of late, it is being said that TV has become an essential part of life where it acts as the medium to spread news and awareness, and also as a companion. It performs numerous functions and has variety roles to play. It forecasts the weather and above all entertains us too.
    A television is mostly used as a form of entertainment by people of all ages. They do this because they are trying to be relieved from their stress and strain after working. Also for older people, television acts as a companion and keeps them busy and happy till their expiration.
    Secondly, they are used for educational purposes. For example, certain channels provide information about wildlife, animals, sports, cars, bikes and so on, and such one example is Animal Planet. These are very informative and useful for children and adults, as they provide information about different things in different areas.
    However, watching TV also has some negative effects. First of all, watching TV for long can cause eye strain and irritation which ultimately results in loss of sight, even at an early age. It has also brought about many bad effects into the lives of the people such as not spending the valuable time with the family, not being responsible, not being careful, and so on.
    To conclude, television has a plethora of advantages when we use it wisely, even so it has demerits too, when misused.

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