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television shows

PTE Television shows essay model answer

There was an era when accessibility to television was very low. There used to be just one television in one locality and everybody use to plan up their schedules accordingly to catch up the shows. The evolution started from daily soaps like Mahabharata, Hum Panchh, etc. has now changed to big reality shows, like Big Boss, Masterchef India, Etc.
The shows definitely have affected our lives both ways whether positively or negatively. It has changed our thought process drastically. People are more aware of everything through an increase in the new channels on Television. A common man is able to appear on the camera more easily as compared to earlier.

Everything has their pros and cons, same goes for the Television shows too. Basically, it is not wholly bad or good. It depends on the choices the people decide to watch on it. It can be educational and humdrum too. It all depends on the assessment you do but Television shows have a major impact on children.  Adolescence as this is the stage where a child grows and learn everything about life and television has foremost role these days. Violent and aggressive programs affect the ability of the children because of the inability to distinguish between reality and imagination. An Average person watches 4 hours of television in a day. Do the Math and think about the influence it has on our daily life.

I am taking my own example. I had started watching a show and I got so fantasized about the show that it made me anti-social. All the characters and the world they were living in made me forget about the real world. Think individually because charity begins at home. An individual makes the society by meeting with more individuals. So don’t let the Television harm your society.

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