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The only thing that interferes with my learning is toy education- Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

Education and Experience
Education and Experience
Education  and Experience

Education is systematics study of various subjects. Which may constrain person’s learning abilities due to its limited scope of teaching. It is agreed that education is a hindrance to ones learning. This will be shown by analysing limited scope of teaching and inability to cater to individual’s interest.

To begin with, since historical time the scope of education is limited to textbooks and understanding of the teachers. For example, engineering students are given textbooks and are taught by teachers how machines work. This restricts ‘out of the box’ thinking and pupil’s ability to go beyond the scope of their degree. When looking at this example it is obvious that the education system has boundaries. Thus, Einstein actually meant that his education did not encourage him to reach his maximum potential

Furthermore, every individual is unique. Students are often inclined towards various subjects which are not offered in standard schools. Consequently, they have to wait until they finish their minimum compulsory education to get into their subject of interest, full time. For instance, a student who is interested in sculpting has a little scope in standard school and he is forced to learn the subjects that least interest him. This clarifies that schools can only provide basic and standard education which is a hindrance to student’s growth.

This analysis proves that confined scope and standardise teaching system is a big obstacle in a process of learning. In a nutshell, educations definitely interferes in a persons’s learning.

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