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PTE summarize written text scoring-strategies & tips

summarize written text scoring

PTE writing summarize written text scoring and strategies

Summarize written text carries more points(my assumption based on my experience), Try to cover the main point and write 30-35 words using COMMA and connecting words like hence, so, because, however, but, instead … etc.

Only one FULLSTOP should be used at the end and start the sentence with capital letter.



– 2 Provides a good summary of the text. All relevant aspects mentioned
– 1 Provides a fair summary of the text but misses one or two aspects
– 0 Omits or misrepresents the main aspects of the text Enabling skills and other traits scored


– 1 Is written in one, single, complete sentence
– 0 Not written in one, single, the complete sentence or contains fewer than 5 or more than 75 words. PTE Summary is written in capital letters.


– 2 Has the correct grammatical structure
– 1 Contains grammatical errors but with no hindrance to communication
– 0 Has defective grammatical structure which could hinder communication


– 2 Has an appropriate choice of words
– 1 Contains lexical errors but with no hindrance to communication
– 0 Has defective word choice which could hinder communication

PTE summarize written text tips- things to remember in test

Follow the principles of good English

– If you read carefully how the PTE Academic scoring engine evaluates your written text, much of the doubts would be clear to you and with this new set of to-do, you think that you can achieve 90/90.

– Well, one can but I would tell some more tips which will really help one even if his/her vocab and grammar is not very strong. 90/90 is only possible with strong vocab and grammar. However, you can expect 73+ with average vocab and grammar with below tips.

– It says between 5 – 75 words but try to write between 35–45 words. A too long sentence is not generally grammatically correct. Even if it’s correct, PTE scoring algorithms are not programmed to evaluate long sentences correctly.

– Pretty obvious however pay attention to the fact that you use only full stop/period and that too at the end of the sentence.

– Do capitalize the starting words and nouns (Names) in the sentence.

– Don’t provide any examples, reasons, and illustrations, whatsoever.

– Write the summary in third person form. Don’t use I, We… etc.

– Generally, most of the summary of the answer is in the last paragraph so concentrate on it.

– Also, try to summarize each para first later concentrate on it and make it a single sentence.

Practice these summarize written text strategies and tips.


People appeared in PTE exam can share their experience, suggestions & tips in the comment section below.

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PTE writing summarize written text test tips

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