PTE Academic sample essay assessment through written formal examination still valid

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Without a doubt written formal examination is used widely as assessment criteria in most of the educational institutes for decades. The moot question as to whether the formal written assessment is still valid?

Evaluation method of a student’s performance has always been an area of contention around the world. Many believe that this can be done by continual assessment of their assignments and project work. On the other hand, people are also in favour of formal examination. I believe the latter is more appropriate option. This can be proved by analysing the fact that the homework and projects done at home can be copied and also memory of a student can be tested only through a formal assessment.

Firstly, the work book assignments submitted by the students are not always done by them. A study by education department of India proved that many parents help their children in completion of assignments. Not only this, the projects are also copied in order to submit the same on time. Thus, we can say that it is not a reliable method to judge student capabilities.

Secondly, the examination that is taken in education institutes make students learn the concept and also memorize the same that they have studied in their class. Moreover, these are conducted in the presence of invigilator. That restricts students to take any external help. This shows how much grasping power does an individual have. Therefore, this can be considered as a more reliable method of testing one’s ability.

To conclude, looking at the discussion it is clear that advantages of formal testing outweigh the advantages of testing by assignments and projects. I believe the method should be implied across the globe and it can be predicted that many countries will adopt this way of assessment because of its effectiveness.



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