CAEL CE- Test centre in Chandigarh India


CAEL CE is Canada’s leading academic English language test. CAEL CE is designed by Paragon Testing Enterprises.  Paragon testing is Canada’s leader in English language testing and the proud developer of CAEL CE and the CELPIP Tests. Indian Students planning for higher studies in Canada can take the test. Now available in Chandigarh, computer-delivered at the Canadian Centre for Success Private Limited.

The test centre is located in B 408 & 412, 4th Floor, Elante Offices Block, Plot No. 178, Industrial Area, Phase 1, Chandigarh.

CAEL CE test fee is INR 10845.

All four skill components (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) of the test are evaluated by CAEL CE, in a test that is delivered by computer at 3-hour test sittings that are held at Paragon’s 60+ test centres across Canada and internationally.

Following are professional associations recognizing CAEL CE.

“I would recommend CAEL CE (Computer Edition) because, compared to other academic English tests, it’s the same quality but at a cheaper price!”

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