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Duolingo essay writing topics with answers

Latest Duolingo Essay Topics

Duolingo essay list, these topics are usually repeated in Duolingo English test. Duolingo’s essay topics list will be updated as new topics appear in the exam.

Duolingo essay list 2021/Repeated Duolingo essays

1. If you have children, What would you do differently from your parents while bringing them up.

Parenting can be a challenging responsibility. We cannot undermine the struggle and hard work of our parents who
brought us up. I am thankful to my parents for their unconditional love and care,
though I would like to change something for my kids, and that is making them more confident to meet the challenges of the changing world. My parents want me to choose a single field of study. While I think it is important for kids to be multi-skilled. Today’s world has more opportunities for people who are skillful in more than one field.

2. Why some friendships last longer than others? Give your opinion

Friendship is all about trust, sincerity, and sharing. Many times people are together to share good times. After the fun time is over, they are never seen with each other again. Idiomatically, such friends are called fair-weather friends. Many people make friends as part of socializing but only a few friendships have the potential to last for a lifetime. People who genuinely like the other person want to have him or her in their lives for a long time. If two persons are equally sincere and mentally compatible, their friendship will last longer. It is also a good luck factor, in my opinion, to find sincere or long-lasting friends.

3. What was the time when someone was treated unfairly? What happened?

I remember an incident from my school when a student was suspected of stealing other students’ notebooks. His name was Brian. He was a grade 9 student and was very sociable and outgoing. Some students complained about their missing notebooks. One also alleged that he witnessed Brian stealing someone’s notebook. The teachers and the principal launched an inquiry and Brian had to deal with many questions from the teachers and the principal. They could not find out anything but the teacher started keeping an eye on the students closely. One day he found one of the students hiding someone’s notebook in Brian’s drawer. That day the teacher realized that Brian might have been a victim of a conspiracy from a classmate and that the school has been unfair in his treatment.

4. What is the importance of cars and airplanes in modern life? Explain

I would say that life is unimaginable without the fast modes of transport like cars and airplanes in today’s fast-paced world. Think of a place without personal cars. It would be extremely hard to get to work. Maybe public buses are an option but most of the commuters to work rely on personal vehicles. There would be no travel possible between the far-off places or countries if there are no airplanes. There would be no tourism and no trade. The economy of the world will decline to the earliest centuries of human civilization. All the progress that has been made in the world so far is mostly dependent on the means of transport that connect us to other regions.

5. How can we create a better future for the next generation?

6. What is the cuisine you like the most?

7. As a younger generation, what do you want to teach the older generation?

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the seaside towns compared to the inland towns?

9. How you love to do activities like singing, cooking. explain with reasons?

10. Suppose, Some foreigners want to visit your country for one day. What you will recommend them to visit your county for One day?

11. Whether one should have friends from similar culture or not”

12. Some people are moving from their country to another country, in your opinion which country’s custom they should follow?

13. Why supplementary income is important?

14. If you are a prime minister, What will be your main duty. Responsibility”

15. Gambling should be legal or not. Give the reason why and why not”

16. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the infrastructure you live in?

17. Describe the good and bad things you learned from your parents. Explain your response.

18. Write about a person who made you feel loved and cared about?

19. If you become the leader of your country what you will change?

20. How can we create a better future for the next generation?

21. A book that I have read more than once & why?

22. How modern technologies are facilitating classrooms?

23. I had to talk about a healthy lifestyle and how we can improve our health?

24. Do you think you have a special attribute that everybody should have. What is that attribute?

25. How can society help the unemployed? What are the burdens?

26. Do you think that teaching social skills should be added to school programs? Or should it be left to parents? Give your opinion with reasons.
27. The advantages and disadvantages of teamwork and which one do you support.
28. Should people involve others in taking important decisions?
29. Technologies have made our life miserable Agree or disagree?
30. What problem can you encounter on the internet? Even we gather more info on it?
31. What is a fun activity you like to do? Why do you do it? How can you make it better?
32. which country would u like to visit for 1 year & why.

33. the Elder person you look up to?

34. Posting everything on social media is healthy behavior or not?
35. Why do people move to big cities?
36. What subjects should be obligatory in school
Please add new Duolingo essay topics in the comment section, if it’s not on the list. We will add solved essays for the students.
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6 thoughts on “Duolingo essay writing topics with answers

  1. What is something you would ask your parents for advice about? Why do you think that your parents are experts on this topic? What do you think your parents would advise you to do?

  2. Is a foreign language is mandatory to be added in school subjects, what is the benefits and what do you think of it, agree or disagree?

    You need to arrange in better way

  3. I think it is important to learn foreign language for every single student.here i would like to mention u guys why?
    for a student they are the future of our country.they are not achive everything whether they are not able to communicate whole world.as a result they always behind to the success.thats why we have to learn foreign language to communicate all over the world.and goverment should take some decesion about this valuable matter and make it as soon as possible for the stedents future.because if students grow,grow with nation.

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