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How to describe a picture in Duolingo English Test with samples

Tips on how to describe a picture in Duolingo English test with samples and answers

  • Start the description with your immediate impression of the picture.
  • Tell in a sentence what the picture is about.
  • Start writing as soon as you get the first impression, you only have one minute.
  • Discuss what is in the background and foreground. Discuss if the colors in the pictures are dull or sharp.
  • Talk about the expressions of people in the picture; discuss if they are happy, sad, bored, excited, etc.
  • Try to write at least three sentences and use punctuation accurately.
  • Use Adjectives to describe a person, object, or situation in the image.
  • A well-built person, a famous musician, a dense forest, a breath-taking.
  • Use predictions or judgments about the picture, for example, It looks like this is a historical building, It seems that the people are enjoying it very much. I believe that the picture has been taken in the evening etc.

Duolingo describe image with sample answers

duolingo describe image

The image is a beautiful illustration of a clear blue lake surrounded by mountains in the background and a lush green forest on the right side. The shadows of the mountains, clouds, and trees can be seen in the clear lake water. The mountains are deep grey and orange with little snow on them. It looks like the photo has been taken by a professional photographer.

The picture shows a teacher and some boys and girls in a classroom. The teacher is standing and facing the students who are seated on the chairs. He seems to be posing a question to the students. A student on the far right is raising his hand. It seems that he wants to answer the question. There is a big blackboard on the wall behind the teacher and
two bookcases on each side of the board.

This image illustrates an urban/downtown area of a big city. A busy highway starts in the foreground and stretches far ahead towards a suspension bridge and tall buildings. The highway is built on a bridge as there are other low-lying roads with some traffic seen on its right side. There is also a lake running along the left side of the highway. Mostly, the image has dull grey shades and it looks like the photo has been taken in the daytime.

This is a close-up image of three horses standing on a grassland. Only the faces or necks of the horses are visible. The horses on the left and right are brown while the one in the middle is black. They all have a tinge of white color on their faces. The cloudy sky and some trees can also be seen in the background.


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