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Statement of Purpose (Sample)- Hotel Management in Australia

The adage “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest” quoted by Peter Drucker is what has been a driving force for me since childhood. I hail from India, a country known for its varied culture, rich heritage, and profound hospitality which indeed inclined me towards this profession. I owe my virtues and important parameters of life to my parents who made it imperative that my ideas took a substantial form and my teachers at Dayawati Modi Academy (DMA), a school in Meerut city situated in the northern part of the country, who helped me have individuality and self-belief which in due course of time helped me choose a path which not only catered my interests but also helped carve out essential skills in me.

Having passed my senior secondary education in 2015 from Dayawati Modi Academy, I commenced my graduation in 2015 at the Institute of Hotel Management and catering technologies situated in Meerut which is duly affiliated with the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. My graduation days mainly revolved around acquiring new skills, each day being a new experience, be it in concordance with the food or with human relations. As I streamed through my graduation, Front Office and Food & Beverage Services came to be my most enjoyable resort which prompted me to undergo vocational training in the Front Office at hotel Park plaza in Chandigarh, India to get a hands-on experience involved in the subject followed by an internship for 4 months at Courtyard by Marriott, Agra, India. These experiences helped me gain a practical understanding of the hospitality industry and paved my path for the next one year post my graduation completion in July 2018.

Soon after, In August 2018, I availed the opportunity to be a part of Praxis Services Ltd. which deals with India’s top-notch hotels, The ITC Group as a Reservation Sales Associate, and in due course of time (after 08 months), I was awarded by the promotion and company promoted me as a Senior Reservation Sales Associate. This work experience helped me become aware of the modus operandi of hotels at different strata and a better acknowledgment of the hotel industry along with team handling.

In a world that’s driven by knowledge and ambitions, I feel it has become necessary to not only grow in terms of skills but the education needs to be at par too in order to stand out an extra edge. Since I aspire to prosper in this industry, I wish to acquire the knowledge to the core, and obtaining a Master’s degree would be its appropriate fulfillment.


Reasons for not opting for India for a Master’s degree:

To single out a place for obtaining a Master’s degree among a plethora of options turns out to be a tedious task with every institute claiming to be at par excellence. My native country has little to offer when it comes to an advanced course in International Hotel Management, which makes it indispensable to choose from farther off places. Furthermore, In an attempt to impart an equal right to education, The seats are primarily reserved for the underprivileged yet deserving students which causes an overall paucity of seats that the institutes offer.
The fundamentals of the Indian education system take into consideration the theoretical knowledge, most of it is now obsolete and fails to incorporate the neoteric concepts that encompass the hotel industry. This industry which is concerned with public dealing needs to imbibe the practical skills so as to thrive. The Blue Mountains Institute provides a hassle-free environment with no such constraints.

Opting Australia to study over other countries like UK, USA, Canada

The hotel industry is one of the most eminent industries for the growth of any country makes it a valuable asset with every nation progressing towards creating better opportunities in this field. There are numerous world-class colleges and universities available in other countries like Cornell University, Oxford Brooks University, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, etc. which offer all the possible programs and courses that are of paramount significance. However, Canada is too cold to adapt to and is not as promising with regards to hospitality management. Europe on the contrary holds a different language base with the majority of the population being comfortable with the regional or the respective national language and thereby, posing a challenge.

Australia is one such nation that stands out in these parameters with an equitable climate and a conducive language base. Globally recognized faculty and facilities with a comparatively lower fee structure and an equivalent top-notch infrastructure in the Australian universities make them a better choice when compared to the rest of the Universities. Moreover, being in a 9 hours job each day at the present makes it a strenuous task to be able to prepare for the GMAT which is an essential criterion to pursue a degree in most countries.

In Australia I have chosen Blue Mountain international hotel management school (BMIHMS) :

The Alma mater we choose to be a part of reflects its virtues and skills through us which makes it pertinent that it be chosen wisely eyeing every nook and corner. The BMIHMS Institute being one of its own kind has been a name for excellence and I would be highly obliged if I receive the opportunity to learn from the best.


It’s a Leading hotel school in Australia. Provides a deep understanding of hotel management, operation, and business designed to secure us a management position in leading hotel chains.
Offers six-month paid industrial placement. Here in Blue Mountain international hotel management school, students develop into dedicated professionals with qualifications that are required and highly regarded globally.
Offers Professional development workshop which provides the knowledge of future leader qualities and attributes, cultural awareness, business communication, professional use of social media, and importance of grooming.

In Blue Mountain international hotel management school (BMIHMS) I have opted for a Master degree in International Hotel Management which is a 02 Years master degree course and has two campuses i.e. Sydney and Melbourne and out of two Sydney campus is my preference. This course would enable me to develop a career path, the opportunity to enhance my hospitality knowledge and capabilities with higher qualifications which can accelerate the career program.

Opting Blue Mountains, Torrens University over other institutions in Australia:

In Australia, before opting for the Blue Mountains, I have searched a few other colleges like The Hotel School, Le Cordon Blue, and Tafe and I have gone through their course details and fee structure. After analyzing all the colleges and their courses, I have finally decided to choose BMIHMS as it holds the number one position in Hotel management school in Asia-Pacific. And the Master Course subjects and the internship program BMIHMS are offering are appropriate for me and will boost my further career and that’s what I was looking for and I could not find all these in other institutions. Plus, the fee structure of BMIHMS is suitable for me in comparison to other colleges.

After the completion of my Master’s degree, I would want to put my skills into practice and help grow the hospitality industry both in my personal interest and as a community. I wish to be a part of various restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, events, public sector tourism organizations across the world at a supervisor level expecting a hefty package of around 60,000 – 80,000 AUD per year. Once I gather an experience sufficient enough in terms of the diversified hotel industry, I aim to personalize my lifelong experiences in the form of my own hotel business. I believe that the institution and the country I aspire to choose would efficiently inculcate the needful skills within me.

Financial Support:

As I am working for more than 1 year so I have my own savings. Apart from that, I have my family support that includes my father who is an Agricultural Entrepreneur, and my uncle who is a salaried professional.

I look forward to a positive outcome on my candidature and be provided an opportunity to be a part of the program.

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