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The government should make a better network for public transport

Cities are now expanding; the government should make a better network for public transport or should build more roads to facilitate car ownership? Agree or Disagree?

The development of cities is always a debatable topic. As the pace of urbanization is increasing day after day the milestones for the government are also increasing. Public transport plays a key role in cheap yet effective traveling. Roads are the soul of any country’s economy. But the people always prefer their own car in developing cities as they get their own private space, a sign of luxury and one don’t have to be time bonded.

The government needs to improve the structure of public transport. Buses with maximum facilities should be on the road for all the public at a pocket-friendly price. At the outset, there are numerous reasons why the public transport system needs to upgrade but the most conspicuous one stems from the fact that public transportation such as buses, trains, and trams are used by the commuters most frequently, and the majority of the people in cities prefer public transport over private cars. For example, research indicates that 70% of people in Sydney and Melbourne use public transport despite having a private car. Thus, it is necessary to improve the public transportation system so that the public can travel easily.

Private cars are also very important as they provide door to door services.it is better as a communicating system. GT and other highways which make traveling of many persons possible every day, need to be kept check. Authorities must ensure that nothing can stop smooth traveling on the roads.

Public and private both transportations are very important for any country. On an average public vehicle, travelers spend an hour extra on their traveling. So the required amount of trains and buses should be on the road and railways so that hassle free and quick traveling is provided. Thus, it is necessary to improve the public transportation system so that the public can travel easily.

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One thought on “The government should make a better network for public transport

  1. In today’s world, we have been observing that the cities are exponentially growing in an area with fast pace due to Urbanization. some people think government authorities should work on the Public transportation infrastructure more and others suggest the More roads are to be built to remove the traffic congestions.
    In my opinion, both statements have their Importance and reasons.

    First, I agree with the fact that Public transportation is a much cheaper and environment-friendly choice for commutations. People should use more public transport like buses, metro trains, and ferries, etc. to reach their destinations. However, it should be also argued that authorities should make these transportations resources as reliable and time-bound. Creating a better system in the big metropolitan cities will allow people to use it easily for commuting and help to reduce the problem of traffic jams and pollution.
    Another Irrefutable fact is that people would like to use their private vehicles for their personal luxury and comfort. this is also very important to have authorities investing in the roads to some extent.
    Roads are necessary and the lifeline of any economy.

    In conclusion, Improving the frequency and reliability of public transport is definitely one way of resolving traffic and environmental issues However building new roads are also apparently solves the connectivity problems in big cities.

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