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Personal Statement sample for UK University


Personal Statement -MSC in International Marketing Management at Coventry University

I, Rajpal is applying to your MSC in International Marketing Management program for the term September 2021. I have been working as an Assistant Manager at Parmar Travel express from March 2018 till date. My few colleagues frequently travel overseas in order to expand the company’s business into new markets. I was impressed by the international style of thinking and acting as his strong awareness of Global business. My association with colleagues as well as my previous education inspired me to pursue a career with an international focus. Therefore, I desire to study for a Master’s degree and applying to the Coventry University.

I researched about Masters in International Marketing Management in India initially and found that almost all the Universities like SP Jain, NIILM Delhi, IIM’s are offering Master in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. I got to know that to enroll in for MBA, we need to clear CAT/MAT entrance exams, getting admission into good Universities is quite competitive. So I started exploring other options for my studies and found about overseas education where I got the opportunity to study in-depth about Marketing and management. I have realized that in India, more emphasis is given to good marks instead of getting knowledge and skills, I did not want to lose my hope for quality education as I really want to attain the required skills for my future. So I finally decide to study abroad for my further education.

I searched for Canada, UK, the USA, and Australia for my further studies. I came to know that I am only eligible for the Post Graduate Diploma program in Canada, which is available in colleges like St Clair College, Conestoga College, Sault College. Also, I was not interested to study for a PG diploma as it will not be valued in long run. I considered various factors such as quality of education, climate conditions, and Government policies for international students. All degree programs and course structure and decided that the UK is my study destination. It attracts students from all over the world and is one of the most preferred study destinations for students.

The cost of living and tuition in the UK is much less than that in the USA or Australia. UK universities also offer internships while studying. An appealing aspect for international students is the emphasis on scientific research regarding new technology and innovations. It provides an unprecedented kind of education that motivates one to be more innovative, confident, and self-sustained. Students who graduated from the UK have a high success rate for finding quality jobs and thus hold prominent positions throughout the world. Furthermore, they are easily selected by the leading international universities for their post-graduation.

The scope of MSC in international Marketing is flourishing in today’s global economic market. With an aim to reach out to the consumers quickly and efficiently, companies are today looking for professionals who have done their Masters with a specialization in marketing. Every organization requires a marketing head or someone to supervise marketing activities such as promotions, advertisements, sales, media, entertainment, and many other activities.

Once I complete my degree, I will come back to my home country India and find job opportunities. My future goal is to work with TOP MNCs in India like Amazon, Reliance, Samsung, Nestle, HDFC bank, ICICI Bank, and other FMCG companies. I will initially work as a marketing executive leading to Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Analyst, and Relationship Manager, etc.

After the completion of this course initially, I will be expecting around INR 6-7 lakhs per annum. But with experience, I will be able to work in better positions. Therefore, I am confident that the offered program is going to benefit me in more than one way.

I will be financially sponsored by my loving and generous parents. My parents are financially strong enough to bear all finances of my higher studies and dwelling expenses throughout my whole stay in the UK.


This is a sample of a Personal Statement for UK Coventry University. Student can write their Personal statement sample in the comment section.

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