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Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is YOUR opinion? Support it with personal examples.

Parents responsibility

Parents responsibility

Often, kids behave in an unacceptable manner. Sometimes in a way, that is not taught by parents. It leads to a moot question that, “who is responsible?” Since, several studies on developmental psychology have found that children are, essentially, a blank slate. So I think that parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. By taking this into account, we will analyse how kids learn things by observing and by the teaching of the parents.


To begin with, it is said that, ‘children are like a sponge, they absorb and imitate everything they observe. For example, in a developing stage, a child learns language, culture, manners by observing his parents. So, if parents speak in an abusive way, it is most likely that child will observe and imitate their use of profanity. This example clearly proves that parents are responsible for that kid’s coarse language. Thus, they must be legally bound for kids acts.

Moreover, it’s parent’s duty to teach social behaviour to their children and to discipline them. Say, for instance, if a kid goes to the neighbor’s house and bring home couple of toys he liked, it’s parents responsibility to discipline him and teach him not to take anyone’s anything without permission. This clearly exemplifies that there is an obvious link between parent’s teaching and their children’s acts. Thus, parents must be legally liable their children’s acts.


These analysis prove that kids act in a way they are brought up by their parents and based on the things they are exposed to. In a nutshell, parents are solely responsible for kid’s acts. I advocate that it is necessary to make it legal.


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3 thoughts on “Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is YOUR opinion? Support it with personal examples.

  1. My parents never swear and I swear profusely, the fact of the matter is that parents are only 1 influence on the “blank slate” that is a child.

  2. In recent years, we often see a lot of assaults and verbal abuse complaints getting registered all across the world. Quite interestingly, all the criminals are under the age of sixteen. While some sections of the society believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to control their children, some are against it. I personally believe that parents should be held legally accountable for the acts of their children. This essay will highlight some of the major reasons behind by opinion.
    One of the most prominent reasons for the notorious behaviour of youngsters is the social environment they reside in. To Explain, the mental traits of father or the mother and their bad habits have a significant impact on young minds. For instance, I picked the habit if smoking from my father as I was not aware of is disastrous effects on health during my childhood. Therefore, if the elders are legally held accountable for the behaviour of their children, they will try to correct themselves and ensure that their children’s mind is free of evil intentions.
    Secondly, in my opinion, parents are not investing enough time with their children. Because of their own busy schedules, some of the parents tend to completely ignore their children which often leads to the child developing bad habits. As a result, youngsters tread in a dangerous path of immoral acts which is detrimental to the entire society. If elders are held legally accountable for the acts or deeds of the children, they will try to engage them in the path of righteousness.
    In conclusion, I’m in consummate accord with the statement that elders should be held legally accountable for the acts of their offspring as it results in effective parenting and overall enhances the living standards of our society.

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