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Letter of Recommendation Sample -Study Abroad

Letter of Recommendation (Principal)

In the capacity as the Principal of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidyamandir.I have known the Name of Student to be one of the all-rounder students, I have come across in my education career. Based on our association, I consider him to be one of the most diligent and perseverant students as he has performed to his utmost capability throughout his tenure in the school.

Name of Student exudes self-confidence and has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication towards his academics during all these years in the school. Moreover, he always participates in class discussions, for he believes that ideas stem from discussions and brainstorming. Thus, Name of Student always plays the initiator of fruitful and intriguing discussion in the classroom, from which, his peer also tend to gain immensely.

I would just like to say that considering the Name of the Student penchant for achieving excellence in whatever he undertakes, I believe that he is one of the ideal candidates for pursuing under graduation at your esteemed University.


Letter of Recommendation ( Teacher)

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Mr………. I know him since 2012 as I have taught him Computer Application. I have known him for his assignment and project submission. His thirst for pure knowledge beyond the syllabus is one of the most remarkable qualities that make him one of the best students seen in my career so far.

I noticed that he has an inquisitive bent of mind, from the queries he raised during lecture sessions. This trait of his, coupled with good analytical skills, also helped him achieved good results in his work assignments. He has always participated in-class activities with zeal and has always been forthcoming with answers to questions raised by me during the lecture sessions.

He exhibits a high degree of initiative in continuously striving to update his knowledge he tries to ensure that his concepts on various topics to be clear and therefore he is an active participant in the classroom. He is regular in his completing his assignments and his assignment is among the best in the class besides so doing well in academics. He has also been involved in various co-curricular activities he is capable of coping with a lot of hard work which is essential for higher academics attainments and this along with his superior intellectual ability makes him an ideal candidate for Bachelor studies. He is a pleasant and well-mannered individual with high moral and social values along with his intellectual abilities he has excellent communication skills. I found him to be proficient in English, being able to convey his ideas lucidly and with great ease. His conscious and lively nature makes it a pleasure to interact with him.

I am sure he will do extremely well in graduate studies and based on his strong undergraduate preparation and effective communication skills, I recommend him for Bachelor’s program at your esteemed university.

Any Teacher/Principal (Seal and Signature of Concern Person)


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