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Some people argue Laws changes human behavior whereas some disagree. Do you agree with it? Argumentative / persuasive/ opinionated type essay.

PTE essay Laws changes human behaviour

Law is the only way to exercise control over the public to maintain peace. People usually behave in a way that is in accordance with the law. It is true that human behaviour is governed by legislations. Strict laws make better countries & people respond to a situation in an orderly manner.

To begin with, countries with the strict laws have a minimal crime rate. For example, in Singapore smuggling drugs is a criminal offence and one has to face the death penalty and therefore such activities hardly take place there. This exemplifies that laws can alter people’s behaviour. Thus, there is an obvious link between laws and human behaviour.


Furthermore, in The UAE, kissing in public is a punishable offence. Every citizen of this country is aware of the law and its hard to find anyone breaking the law and it is the culture of the country. This example clearly shows that the absence of law may create an unfavourable environment for the smooth functioning of the society. Therefore, legislations definitely affect our behaviour.

To summarise, the above analysis establishes that there is a strong positive correlation between law and human behaviour. It has been proven that many countries use lass as a major tool for reforms. It is expected that lawmakers will continue to use it for the betterment of the society in future.

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