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Proofreading & Grammar: Top Tips You Need to Know for Content Creation


The quality of your online voice can be determined n the basis of your punctuation and grammar even of it
you may think it is not very important. However, it is important for creating an effective piece of content.
Regardless of your experience and credentials, you can lose your reliability if your blog posts go out of
control with a number of typos, confusing grammar and incorrect spellings.

Do you know how you can ensure that you were not responsible for committing all those very common
spelling and grammar mistakes? At the occasion of Grammar Day and Proofreading Day, some useful
tricks and tips to help you in improving your grammar and proofreading are provided hereunder.

Top proofreading tips for creating content

The content marketing specialists of Three Girls Media are well versed with the power of creating effective
content. Some top tips for proofreading of their team are listed hereunder to keep in your mind while
creating content for your brand.
• Have a 30-minute walk: Though it is better to proofread at night still you can refresh your eyes by having
a walk for at least 30 minutes to review what you have written, after returning back to your seat. During
proofreading process you have to see the sensible description of all points, the natural flow of the article as
well as if there are any typos or missing words.
• Readout loudly: You can easily recognize silly typos as well as the flow of the entire content by reciting
its words loudly.
• Have a hard copy of your content: You can notice your mistakes better by reviewing the words physically
on a paper.

Common avoidable grammar mistakes while creating content

While editing and proofreading the content you have created, you should focus on some of the commonest
grammar mistakes committed by various brands during such attempts.

Use of semicolons: Most people do not use semicolons because they do not know about their uses.
Semicolons help in connecting two interrelated sentences as well as can be used for internal punctuation
of a list containing lots of information like “He went to Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; Bismarck,
North Dakota; Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California.”

Use of Me instead of I: While referring themselves and someone else most people use I. for instance, in
the sentences, “Can you meet I and Sam at the store” and “I and Ruby like to eat toffee.” In these sentences
with Ruby the use of I is correct whereas with Sam it is wrong. In the first sentence, it should be “me” instead
of I as if Sam was not in the sentence then the right sentence would have been. “Can you meet me at the

Use of Who instead of That: Actually That should be used with brands and Who with people.
Use of active voice: Instead of writing your content in a passive voice you should write it in active voice if
you want to make it actionable and compelling. When you compare sentences, “I watched a program on
TV’ and A program was watched by me on TV’ then you will find that first one is more appealing than the
second one.

Usage of words: Some of the commonly mixed up words are listed hereunder to help you:

● You’re and your- You mean You Are whereas your means something belongs to you
● They’re, Their and There: They’re meant They Are whereas their means something belongs to
them. However There means a place
● We’re, Were and Where: We’re meant We are, Were means past tense of are whereas Where
means location
● Two, To and Too: Two means number 2, To shows, the movement and too means excessive or
● Then and Than: Then indicates a point in time whereas Than helps in comparing two entities
● Less and Fewer: Less relates to something uncountable whereas Fewer are the things that can be
Thus by following the tricks and tips provided in this write-up can help you in improving your editing process
while proofreading the content created by you and correcting its grammatical mistakes before publishing it
at social media.

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