PTE Academic-How to Score Well in Speaking


PTE Speaking section consists of:

1. Read Aloud – In this, you need to follow proper intonation, pronunciation, oral fluency.

Scores impacted: Reading and speaking, oral fluency, pronunciation, content

Useful Links :

You can use ‘Windows Speech Recognition’ in your system to convert speech to text.

Set up Speech Recognition

You can also use google translator or web speech API

2. Repeat sentence: Try to write the initial letter of all the words in the sentence and try to follow same pronunciation while repeating it.

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3.Describe Image: If you see a picture, try to describe it using foreground, background, left, right, center or middle, top, bottom words.

If you see trends in Bar graph, Line graph, Pie chart, etc., use a variety of verbs, adjectives, adverbs to explain them. It can be built watching youtube videos.

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4.Re-tell lecture: Listen to the lecture and write keywords in between. Don’t try to write full sentences otherwise, you will lose concentration. Try to hear conclusion at the end as well.


List with phrases to describe charts

The pie chart is about …
The bar chart deals with …
The line graph (clearly) shows …
The slices of the pie chart compare the …
The chart is divided into … parts.
It highlights …
… has the largest (number of) …
… has the second largest (number of) …
… is as big as …
… is twice as big as …
… is bigger than …
more than … per cent …
only one third …
less than half …
The number … increases/goes up/grows by …
The number … decreases/goes down/sinks by …
The number … does not change/remains stable
I was really surprised/shocked by the …
So we can say …

Pie Chart description
60% nearly a third
50% Over a half of all respondents
2% a small fraction
exact 30% of students
24% roughly a quarter of respondents
73% around three-quarters of sales
twice as many people prefer
nearly four times as many people
whereas sales for X were just 10 %

Overall amongst the six regions, ___make up  the largest expenses, followed by ___representing the lowest
To summarize the most marked change is  
Overall it is clear the amount of


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