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PTE Academic writing sample essay native region

native region

Many people think that regions affect a successful person. What is your opinion about the native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

The region a person grows up in doesn’t entirely affect the success of that person. However, it does have an influence on how social skills develop during childhood and adolescence. We all understand the importance of having leadership and teamwork skills for a successful career. The native region plays an integral part for a person to acquire these. It is the biggest factor that contributes towards an accomplished person’s success. Other than this, the region earns popularity when a person belonging to it, earns fame and recognition worldwide. To talk about these factors separately;

Firstly, Native region’s influence on an accomplished person: A person’s native land can affect the person’s;  Leadership, teamwork and other social skills.  Character, opinions and attitude.  Education, passion and profession. The availability of modern educational tools and up-to-date resources for study in the native region determines the quality of education a person receives, and the career a person takes up.

Secondly, Accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs can be considered as best examples to explain the fact that accomplished people popularize their native region as they become famous. These are people who grew up in places that built their skills in technology and hence they are an inspiration to the future generations of their hometown. Keeping these facts in mind, let’s not forget that success of a person is also dependent on hard-work and persistence. The environment and people around can have an influence, but turning that into an accomplishment would depend upon how determined a person is.

Another Sample- Native region

Many people think that region affects the success of a person. If a person born and brought up in America will be more successful and a person born and brought up in India will be less successful. It is wrong that region influence the success of a person. We will see the complete details in the following paragraph.

I think the region will not affect the successful person. I have many examples where a person belongs to the urban region and become more successful. I can count many people from developing countries are way more successful from the person of developed countries. Everyone knows about the Google chief executive officer Sunder Pichai. He is from India and now he is earning in a million dollars. Hence I don’t think region affect the success.

However, Many people think that the region has a contribution to success. I think those guys want to show the superiority of a region. I strongly disagree to this. If a person has the caliber then no one can stop him to achieve the success and region has nothing to do with it.

To conclude, I want to reiterate that the region cannot be a factor of a successful person. I strongly believe that success comes to those who works for it day and night. Region has no relation to the success of a person.

Sample essay- Native region

The important factors for being successful have been considered as a controversial matter during the time. While some people have known regions as an essential factor for a successful person, from my perspective there are a plethora of more crucial items which tremendously will affect the status of a person in its life including setting a goal, financial circumstance, efforts, talent, and luck. This essay will explain the two most important factors on the successful person.
First of all, being successful involves setting goal and achieving it. Clearly, without setting an obvious target we don’t have any chance for success. For instance, if the professional athlete does not have a clear goal in a short period, so there is highly likely to be disappointed after a while due to meaningless attempts.
Furthermore, achieving a splendid target is needed to establish a precise plan. The continued effort will be vital to push us to obtain our dreams. Beside this, surprisingly there is empirical evidence that luck perhaps will be noticed by some people as a supplementary factor. So being fortune person may help us to find the best opportunities by accident without spending too much effort.
To sum up, success depends on two main factors: hard work after setting an appropriate goal and luck which the former can be planned whereas the latter is hard to predict. This essay discussed that beside the environment which people lived in it, other factors will play a significant role to determine the level of a person’s success.

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25 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing sample essay native region

  1. Today the world is enriching with development and quality ideas. People have contributed the world to make rapid progress. Those are the successful people who make themselves prominent by flourishing their success. There are multiple factors behind their success, people usually identify due to the regions.

    One the main pivotal factor which make the people successful such as their environment where they live. If they are living around the people who are active and more focusing towards their goal of life, then it motivates to be more focused towards in achieving goals and objectives of life. The person who lives among people who care about their health, he will also take care of it. But if the people around are lazy and are living without good vision for their career then the person will be lazy and limited in achieving goals of life even he is well determined because the approach in focusing the targets will be deteriorate.

    The place where the person lives also plays a vital role in trait of a person. If the region where he lives is pollution free. He will be more productive and will accelerate his goals and will be able to make innovative idea towards in achieving his success.

    In conclusion, environment and people life style around are very important in making the persons more progressive towards in success of life.

    1. No doubt person’s native place contribute in their success , however that’s not the only and most important factors for success, we have seen great leaders and success stories around us, who have made great difference in their life and people around them with no favourable native environement,
      Strong determination , hard work, strong will, and a positive attitude towards failure are main contributors towards success .In fact people living in unfavourable native conditions can help them build strong determination to make a difference and lead them to work to change the environment,
      we have seen great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Ratan TATA, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Naredra Modi, who belongs to very poor back ground but their strong determination and hard work have paid them really well, and they are ideal for people struggling to reach their,
      Finally we can conclude that to get success region is not the only region but one of the contributors to achieve success in life, however according to me the major factors which can lead to success is hard work , strong determination , learn from mistake and positive attitude towards success

  2. Hello,

    I am confused about the topic in question. Is it ‘How region affects success of an Individual?’ OR ‘successful person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

  3. Needless to say that the native region has a profound influence on the success of a person .This has been explained in better way under below.

    The Native region is the place where an individual has actually been brought up . He is ingrained with the thoughts , beliefs , customs and traditions which are inculcated in him since he is born . These values are engulfed by him and gives him an individuality. Furthermore, all these lead to his accomplishments when he develops into a mature person.Since the time a child is born, he is nurtured in his land which gives him paramount courage to face the life challenges . This is particularly when he develops an intellect of his own .

    Concurrently, the education sustains him to survive in his surroundings and fight against the odds. With this, he develops the approach of visionary , farsightedness and moreover an identity of his own . Furthermore, there is an exchange of the bond between the two.This is particularly when a person goes through real litmus test and emerges as a true outlier , this gives much more recognition to his native region and people who acted as a stepping process in this process. It gives immense pleasure and a sense of proud when a native person outdoes in the real world.
    My belief is that, there is a social fabric between both the individual and the society . The society helps in the upbringing of a person and the person as a dutiful citizen pays them off

  4. Regions are the places where person lives from childhood, and develop into a respectable personality. Some people argue that region affects the successful person and influence his achievement. I am agree with this statement up to some extent.
    To commence with, man lives at his native place which help him to grow and learn many things that will become experiences for him. These experience aid him to flourish in a society and to gain success. He can achieve his goals easily if he is developing in a cohesive and comfortable environment.
    On the flip side, some people believe that success of a man depends on various factors like determination, hard work, passion etc. A man cannot attain success in his life without a specific goal or ambition. Moreover, industrious as a key plays a Lion’s share in obtaining success for a man. The successful people who become examples now have burnt midnight oil to get the desired positions in their lives.
    Hammering on the last nail, I would like to say that a person requires a conducive environment along with massive hard work and determination to fulfil his ambitions.

  5. In this world of globalization where everything thing is connected to one another and the flow of information has no limitations. There are people who think that regions have an influence on the individual’s development and success while others think that is not the case. In my opinion, the region has some support in developing a successful people but most of the efforts come from an individual’s themselves.

    To begin with, there are several reasons how regions can support individual in their development. Generally, a person feels more comfortable working in an environment that is surrounded by known people so that he or she can seek help and support from them when needed. In addition to that, the person is more familiar with the culture where he or she brought up and probably knows the best ways to deal with certain situations that eventually help them in their success and development.

    On the other hand, person own abilities and willingness contribute the major proportion in the accomplishment of their goals and targets. Firstly, if the person has a desire to achieve the certain level and he is passionate about achieving that goal then he works hard regardless of surrounding support. There are lots of cases available that shows personal motivation and desire are the key success factor of the successful person. For example, there are a number of doctors, engineers and scientists are successfully working in different countries where they do not belong to and not familiar with the culture, environment, and people. This happens because of their passion, dedication and hard work.

    To conclude, there is no doubt that the native region provides more favorable conditions to flourish individuals but I believe individual desire, passion, and capabilities play a major role to become a successful person.

  6. Hello all,

    Today I had taken my PTE-A, just to let you know, I got the above question but in a different way. I had to explain with only one example. Please see below the prompt and question.

    –Prompt and question–START–
    Some people think that regions affect successful person’s achievements. Consider an example and explain whether his/her achievements were or were not influence the region he belongs to.
    –Prompt and question–END–

    NOTE: Recently, I heard that, PTE-A questions are changing, or tweaking the existing questions[just as like above].

  7. For this change of questions do we need to elaborate more persons life or a simple example by mentioning name of persons will be enough?

  8. We see many successful people around us who belong to a specific region or to certain geography. Therefore a lot of people argue that living in a certain place increases the chances to success and gains more accomplishments. Such debaters also view down upon some places to reduce the chances to greatness. I will evaluate both the pros and cons of this argument and conclude accordingly.

    If one views a town or city as a place with lots of opportunity for obtaining good education, then one is inclined to think that good education plays a vital role in success later, and sometime, even early in ones life. Secondly, man is known by the company he keeps, which means that in certain places chances to interact with brilliant minds is far more than elsewhere. For example, talented people seek better standards of life prefer to live in cities where they have ample of opportunity for their skills. Therefore a person seeking success has better chances of interacting with them as compares to villages. Further, literature can shape ones mind for aspiring greatness. Some cities have public libraries where the residents can pursue literature as per their liking, thereby improving their chances for laurels.

    One should not, however, downplay on the significance of moral values and intellect. Many of the great men such as Abraham Lincoln did not have the facilities of big cities and yet achieved greatness because of their character and virtues. Secondly, if a person wants to be successful, she or he is often ready to go to great lengths in order to achieve it. No geographical borders can stop them. Further, most of the great people identify opportunities early and no amount of education can teach such skills. Also ability to understand the situation, keeping the actions inline with moral goals and helping to improve lives of others are universal ingredients for the greatness.

    As a conclusion the arguments against the statement clearly outweighs those in favor of the same. Hence, native places do not change the chances of success.

  9. There is no shadow of doubt that the one’s success of life depend on his or her native region although many other matters are also deal to it. In this essay I will discuss the which other factors are responsible for achieving success among human life. Let us delve deeper and understand about the same.

    It is rightly said that the urban areas provide more and easily facilities so the one who think in earlier life about their education can obtain the success where he or she was born. Secondly, one’s kith and kins are the best guider for him or her so they also play an important role to bring success in being life. Lastly, one’s behavior and discipline are the key of human success.
    On the other hand, society of people think that the laboriousness is mandatory in human life which give ultimately success. Furthermore, one’s should have monetary gains, bright and secured future which open the plethora of doors for success. In addition, many people burn at mid night oil and reach till success.
    Hammering the last nail, there are non countable issues about achieving success, because all can be deal via one’s personality, passion and desires.

    please give me valuable score after the deep inquiry

  10. The given example did not address the essay prompt. The discussion is two way, the influence of environment on the people and people impact to their environment.

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