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PTE essay-The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society

The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society. What is your opinion?

The technical advancement in modern society have made newspapers outdated, new sources such as e-news and news channels are taking its place. In my opinion, It is unfair to center arguments around taking sides with newspapers or electronic news given that both have played key roles in the evolution of society. So it does justice only to compare and contrast their attributes. As a natural progression, the dominant reliance on E-News is bound to take place, but this will not happen for a while as newspapers are ingrained in our routines and steeped in our newsgathering tradition. With the reach of e-news, ease of reading, and the mere plethora of real-time news updates, we would think electronic media had it in the bag. We couldn’t be more wrong.

While newspapers are definitely seen as slow, not eco-friendly with only a temporary lifespan and a source of money at the end of the month with our newspaper mart guy, there are still many of its aspects that shine through. We would’ve all heard of the term “Fake” news in recent times. All this started with the blooming of e-news given that its news can be abused and is not easily verifiable. With printed media, on the other hand, this issue is not so rampant. Limited space on newspapers results in more focused and prioritized news making it less distracting for readers to take in their daily news dose. Newspapers reflect the community and sometimes even individuals and were viewed as a chronicle of events. Even today on train journeys, newspapers still remain man’s best companion.

There is also sentimental underlining to newspapers existing. Much of the older generation today can’t have their cup of tea in the morning without a newspaper in one hand. It feels organic. Finally, there are still many places that still don’t have dependable access to the internet and to them, newspapers are still the single most important source of news. Above this, print news is a large source of employment in many countries. With so many reasons to keep the newspaper, why let it disappear?

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