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PTE sample essay-Some people think women should be given equal chances to work and excel in their careers

Some people think women should be given equal chances to work and excel in their careers. Others believe that a woman’s role should be limited to taking care of the house and children. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Include specific details and examples to support your choice.


‘No man is superior to woman and no woman is superior to man’ –This is everything about gender equality. But sadly, according to some absolutely wrong and erroneous mindsets –a man is always superior to a woman. Now, a thought process like the aforementioned is what brings us to introducing a revolution known as ‘Women Empowerment’. Yes, women empowerment is a straight revolution in which every sane woman and every sane man must participate.

There are people who believe that women deserve as much chance to work and excel in their careers as much as men do. But, even if we are living in 2018, there also exist people who believe that a woman’s role should be limited to taking care of children and that of the house; the people who think like this need to change their orthodox thinking. But no magic wand can help in changing their thinking. It is us and the government which needs to do this job. Quality education is the very first step towards women empowerment. When women will be aware of their own rights and duties, they will be able to fight for their own identities. We are at that stage of development at which –women standing up for themselves is extremely requisite. Else, others, both men and women will continue to overpower those women who fear this society and its norms.

Talking about revolution, this world has fortunately seen many powerful and prominent female leaders from Indira Gandhi, Michelle Obama to Hilary Clinton, Indra Nooyi and many more. And all the aforementioned female leaders are an example that an educated woman is capable of achieving heights, provided they are given proper education. It is not that if a woman remains uneducated for some reason or the other, she cannot do anything or she cannot stand up for herself; she can, all that’s required is will and knowledge of one’s rights.

We can’t deny the fact that progress is doubtlessly being made in the lives of many women –both in the fields of economic and social empowerment. But a fact that is bigger than this is that the ratio of the women progressing to the ones still untouched by empowerment is very less. There are many women who need to get out of their shells and need to make their own paths and we have to help them out by taking the revolution of ‘women empowerment’ to a very next level.
One day, women will be far ahead than any man.

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