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PTE model essay-Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world

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We have provided PTE recent essay question on ‘Stress’. It appeared in PTE Academic exam in July 2017. If you are finding it hard to score (65 or 79) in PTE WRITING section, you just need to go through all our “real exam PTE essay topics“.

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world. What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?


Stress is an inevitable part of life most of us now lead. In this modern world, stress-related illnesses seem to become an unavoidable consequence. The ever-growing complexity of modern society has made people’s life more stressful than before. In this essay, I will lay the main contributing factors that cause this stress, and what we can do to reduce it.

Of course, there are many factors in modern society responsible for stress. The main contributing factor is the pace of technological progress. The pace of technological change is faster than ever. From the time we are awake till we sleep, we use technology and it means doing things faster and with utmost accuracy. Growth and development in modern society mean adopting new technology, remain update and constantly living in a state of change, which is the root cause of stress.

Another cause is population growth and scarcity of resources. More traffic, longer jams, crowded places, longer queues for hospitals and other services put more pressure on our lives and is the stress inducing factor. All these clearly show that there are many factors that develop more stress and frustration in our lives. Therefore, we need to improve our living conditions as prolonged stress can lead to a wide range of stress-related illnesses.

Education and awareness among the general public can help tackle this problem to some extent. The government, corporate organisations and NGO’s should organize the massive stress-awareness campaigns to make residents, employees, and families aware of stress and stress-related illnesses. This could prove beneficial for people and increase their threshold of coping with and managing stress.

To conclude, stress is a major problem and we are all part of it. Like all the previous problems, human beings have the capacity to cope with this too.


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