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PTE reorder tips & strategies-How to solve reorder paragraphs

Tips and strategies to solve PTE reorder paragraphs

Reorder paragraphs problems are academic sentence structuring problems in which connected statements are provided in random order to students. They should assemble them in a way so that they can create a meaningful paragraph. For finding out the correct answer of paragraph jumbles, you will have to adapt PTE reading tips and tricks. Read the given sentences three or four times for getting the zest of the content and try to arrange the given sentences in a meaningful paragraph.

Before getting into simple tips and tricks to solve reorder paragraphs related questions you must understand that there are a number of myths lurking in the education world and various sites about such questions. Clear your mind of these myths before learning and practicing PTE reading reorder paragraph questions. Some of the most common myths about para jumbles include:

• “A good vocabulary isn’t important for solving reorder paragraphs.” We are very sorry to say this, but in reality, good vocabulary can help you a lot in getting the right order and making sense out of the available sentences.

• “Reorder paragraphs are one of the most difficult questions in the English section.” If you are new to this and haven’t practiced a lot then for sure, you might face difficulty in solving the provided problem, but once you will read the reorder paragraph tips and practice in an effective way then for sure you won’t think the same about Para jumbles or reorder paragraph questions anymore.

• “Reorder paragraph questions cannot be solved without the availability of options.” For sure solving reorder paragraph question or problem gets a bit easier if options are provided, but para jumbles can also be solved without options.

How to solve reorder paragraphs 

Read the text boxes in order to understand the main idea of each one. You can do this by noting the key words.

Next, use the key words to form an overall idea of what the original text is about. This will help you find the logical order for the ideas in the text boxes.

Every well-written paragraph has a topic sentence. It is usually a clear statement about the topic, and all the other sentences are related in some way to this sentence.

The topic sentence can stand alone; it does not begin with a linker or a pronoun that refers back to something or someone (e.g., ‘he’ or ‘this’), nor does it does refer back to information or actions previously mentioned through the use of things like passive verb tense.


Look for a sentence that introduces a place, committee, person or concept in the reorder paragraph. Most likely such sentence will be the opening sentence of the arranged paragraph.

Transition words

Transitions words are employed for a smooth transition from an idea to another. In simple terms, it can be said that they connect two sentences logically. Some of the common transition words are besides, as well as, likewise, hence, consequently, generally, for instance, in short, etc.

Look for acronym 

In reorder paragraphs questions sometimes acronym is used, the presence of full and short names of a person, institution and even term can give a rough idea about the order of sentences. Both full form and short form will be present in different sentences and the sentence containing the full form will most likely come before the one that contains the short form version.

Demonstrative pronoun 

Demonstrative pronouns are used for addressing or referring to noun phrases or noun such as “that” and “this,” and “those” and “these” are used for referring to plural nouns and noun phrases. In case if these words are used in a sentence then this means that the previous sentence mentions or contains noun and noun phrase.

Personal pronoun 

In case, if a sentence contains personal pronoun without any mention of the place, object and person then for sure the name of the person, place or object must have come in the previous sentence.

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