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PTE Reading reorder paragraphs questions from recent exams

 reorder paragraphs questions

Real exam reorder paragraphs questions

The 1st thing to do when you see reorder paragraphs questions is to search for the topic sentence. Mostly the topic sentence is stand-alone and does not start with But, Also, So, furthermore, however, nevertheless, etc. Pronouns such as he, she, it, they, them are probably referring to something mentioned in an earlier paragraph. Check if the paragraph is talking about series or sequence and keep a note of it. Once you identify the topic sentence just use the connecting words and general sentence to check the connections in the remaining sentences.

PTE Reorder paragraphs questions


A. Liberal is conservative in a moderate Midwestern kind of way which is changing fast due to big National Beef Packing plant which relies on Hispanic migrants and thus four-fifths of the children in Liberal’s public-school system are Hispanic.
B. Liberal’s mayor, Joe Denoyer, who was raised in a Democratic family near Chicago and moved to Liberal in search of work.
C. This should make the town receptive to Democrats, but Mr. Trump easily won the county of which it forms part.
D. Mr. Denoyer voted for Mr. Trump by being impressed by his promise, though he thinks it unlikely that the president will keep his promises.
E. The town of Liberal is said to have been named for an early settler famous among travelers for being free with drinking water.



A. With these, hunters could approach Belugas within hunting range and profit from its inner skin and blubber.
B. Belugas seem to have used their well-known sensitivity to noise to evolve an ‘avoidance’ strategy to outsmart hunters and their powerful technologies.
C. To escape an approaching motor, Belugas have learned to dive to the ocean bottom and stay there for up to 20 minutes, by which time the confused predator has left.
D. Today, however, even with much more powerful engines, it is difficult to come close, because the whales seem to disappear suddenly just when you thought you had them in your sights.
E. High-powered outboard motors were considered to be one of the major threats to the survival of the Beluga whales.
F. When the first outboard engines arrived in the early 1930s, one came across 4 and 8 HP motors.



A. Her comprehension of language is therefore very high.
B. According to recent research, the critical period for developing language skills is between the ages of three and five and a half years.
C. The read-to child already has a large vocabulary and a sense of grammar and sentence structure.
D. Children who are read to in these years have a far better chance of reading well in school, indeed, of doing well in all their subjects.
E. And the reason is actually quite simple.
F. This correlation is far and away the highest yet found between home influences and school success.


A. It was a lightbulb moment: Why not use the old photos to create a timeline of the morphing glaciers, and add new photos every year?

B. The Repeat Photography Project was born.

C. Over the years, countless photos of the majestic park have been snapped, and many of those have become part of the park’s official archive, spanning over a century.

D. In 1997 Lisa McKeon, a physical scientist with the United States Geological Survey who works in the park, came across a pair of historic photographs depicting the glaciers she studies.


1. When I was a young scholar, I do research that change my perception.
2. I invited one student from their school each time, set them comfort and then give
them a puzzle.
3. One is very easy, another is very hard.
4. The students do the question with confusing and….
5. I observe their behavior and record their strategies


1. The “Festival in The Desert” is a celebration of the musical heritage of the
Touareg, a fiercely independent nomadic people.
2. It is held annually near Essakane, an oasis some 40 miles north-west of Timbuktu,
the ancient city on the Niger River.
3. Reaching it tests endurance, with miles of impermanent sand tracks to negotiate.
4. The reward of navigating this rough terrain comes in the form of a three-day
feast of music and dance.

7. Indian IT

(1).Innovation in India is as much due to entrepreneurialism as it is to IT skills, says Arun Maria, chairman of
Boston Consulting Group in India.
(2).Indian businessmen have used IT to create new business models that enable them to provide services in a
more cost-effective way. This is not something that necessarily requires expensive technical research.
(3).He suggests the country’s computer services industry can simply outsource research to foreign universities
if the capability is not available locally.
(4).“This way, I will have access to the best scientists in the world without having to produce them myself”
says Mr. Maria

8. Foreign Aid

(1).But beginning in the 1990s, foreign aid had begun to slowly improve.
(2).Scrutiny by the news media shamed many developed countries into curbing their bad practices.
(3).Today, the projects of organizations like the World Bank are meticulously inspected by watchdog groups.
(4).Although the system is far from perfect, it is certainly more transparent than it was when foreign aid
routinely helped ruthless dictators stay in power.

9. JET stream

(1). Jet stream, narrow, swift currents or tubes of air found at heights ranging from 7 to 8 mi (11.3–12.9 km)
above the surface of the earth.
(2). They are caused by great temperature differences between adjacent air masses. There are four major jet
(3). Instead of moving along a straight line, the jet stream flows in a wavelike fashion; the waves propagate
eastward (in the Northern Hemisphere) at speeds considerably slower than the wind speed itself.
(4). Since the progress of an airplane is aided or impeded depending on whether tailwinds or headwinds are
(5). In the Northern Hemisphere, the jet stream is sought by eastbound aircraft, in order to gain speed and save
fuel, and avoided by westbound aircraft.

10. Map
(1). For as long as I can remember, there has been a map in the ticket hall of Piccadilly Circus tube station
supposedly showing night and day across the time zones of the world.
(2). This is somewhat surprising given the London Underground’s historic difficulty in grasping the concept of
(3). But this map has always fascinated me and still does, even though it now seems very primitive.
(4). This is because it chops the world up equally by longitude, without regard to the reality of either political
divisions or the changing seasons.

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