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PTE listening write from dictation practice test latest questions 14

PTE-write from dictation practice

For write from dictation, Type as many correct words as you can remember.You will score points for every correct word that you write in the response box. If you can remember a word but you are not sure where it goes in the sentence, use your knowledge of English grammar to help you decide.

PTE write from dictation practice test latest questions


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The qualification will be assessed with the criterion to approach.


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Please make sure you have collected all the necessary materials.


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The toughest part of postgraduate education is funding.


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This schedule allows plenty of time for independent study.


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The key findings seem to contradict our initial hypothesis.


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Climate change is becoming an acceptable phenomenon amongst a group of reputable scientists.


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Your thesis should have a fairly limited scope.


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Teaching assistant will receive a monthly stipend for housing.

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