PTE Reading Tips- How to Solve Fill in the Blanks- get higher marks

PTE Reading TIPS
PTE Reading Tips

Follow these PTE reading tips for higher score.Use your knowledge of grammar to help you select the correct word
Read around the blank in the text and decide what part of speech the missing word is. In the example below, ‘beginning to’ tells you that an infinitive verb form is missing ‘to + verb’. Next look at the answer options provided and rule out any words that are not the right part of speech, e.g., ‘world’ is a noun and ‘formal’ is an adjective. Also rule out any verbs that are not in the infinitive form.
Finally, choose from the words that are left, the one that has the correct meaning: ‘view’ and ‘look’ mean ‘see’, but we ‘quote’ or ‘cite’ references, so only ‘cite’ fits the blank:

Skim for overall meaning to help you choose the correct word

Understanding the meaning of the whole text helps you choose the correct word for each blank. For example, if you skim the passage below, you will find key ideas and words which point to the main topic of ‘change’.
When you click on the drop-down arrows, you may find options that are also related to the main topic. You can then check grammar and overall meaning to see whether the words fit the blanks:


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With word bank

Read before and after the blank to help you identify the correct word

The choices in the drop-down menus may look quite similar but will have different meanings and usage. Looking at the surrounding context will help you choose the appropriate word. In the example below, only ‘access’ fits in the phrase ‘gained …………. to technologies’; pick words that match the meaning (gain access) and grammar (‘access to’). Reading either side of the blank will help you narrow down the choices you have to make:


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