PTE writing sample essay-Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate

Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe.Give possible solutions for various situations to reduce the issues.


Polygamy refers to indulge in multiple marriages by a man or a woman. Since four decades, this practice has become very popular which has led to increased divorce rates across the globe. In this essay, I will be asserting on the problems and solutions of this issue.

I firmly believe that the polygamy is not the best approach to living a happy life because it gives birth to so many problems and creates disharmony in one’s life. To substantiate my point of view, I hereby put forth certain logics, firstly, it causes jealousy among husbands or wives which result in domestic abuse, conflicts, mismatch of thoughts which inevitably affect relations. Secondly, it gives a hike to financial problems because of the demands of other partners. Moreover, polygamist children face emotion problems and they deprived of the love and affection from their parents.

Polygamy is injurious to the mental health of women in such relationships, fostering negative emotions and ultimately creating harmful patterns that detract from having a healthy emotional life which led to the higher divorce rate.

There are so many solutions that can help to combat this menace and to reduce the divorce rate. Firstly, the government should arrange awareness camps for both man and woman so that they could get aware about the crises of this practice of polygamy. In addition, if one follows this practice without the consent of immediate partner, he or she should be empowered to fight against this practice. The government can also make some law for those who believe in multiple marriages.

At the end recapitulating the whole, I would like to epitomize by saying that there are so many problems associated with the practice of polygamy, therefore, need to implement some rules and regulations to combat the problem in order to live happy and peaceful life.

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One thought on “PTE writing sample essay-Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate

  1. On the verge, the world has witnessed greatest evolution in all dimensions of mankind especially with respect to science and technology but at the same time we as a human leaving behind our values and morals, “Polygamy” is an example of what. Married to more than one man or woman, known as Polygamy, observed one of the major reason behind enormous divorce rate around the world that need to be controlled now aided by certain measures that I am going to discuss in this article.

    First and foremost, the history behind the demand of Polygamy in different cultures pertains to varied causes such as unable to have children, inappropriate physical love, deprivation of basic needs etcetra, which all sounds valid long ago. Because all such concerns can be addressed today these important aspects seemed invalid. Therefore, the concept of Polygamy may be taken into consideration by law and order of any country and should be banned.

    Secondly, it can be controlled by spreading general awareness by means of mass media against the drawbacks and the downfall side of Polygamy such as extra overhead of family, over sized family and all. On the flip side, women or men living compromising life with their Polygamist partner should also be treated properly so as to set him or her free from this culture and give them a chance to excel on their own and start the life once again.

    In a nutshell, Polygamy is no longer a valid concept of relationship in today’s world or time therefore to save marital affairs government should ban it.

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