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PTE writing sample papers-summarize written text practice 94

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You will have 10 minutes to finish each passage. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


Australia’s food system has grown and evolved over hundreds of years. It is a system that’s served Australians well and underpinned much of our economic prosperity. But it’s a system at risk. And nowhere is the threat larger or more real than in the domain of food fraud.

This is at a time when Australia should be laying the foundations for a food economy that can achieve even higher value in the minds and stomachs of the growing Asian middle-class consumer.

We want to help Australian food to deliver on its promises in a way that survives beyond our borders and as close to the end consumption of the product as possible. Whatever the promise of the food is, be it organic Angus beef from the Hunter Valley, or native jarrah honey from Albany – we want to help Australian food producers deliver on and capture the value of its promise.

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Digital technology has the potential to change economies and societies dramatically, but engagement is critical to reap the benefits that technology offers. Governments, businesses, and individuals need to actively participate in the digital world, and this happens to varying degrees globally.

There are many indices which measure different aspects of digital engagement; however, given the vast number of factors that comprise engagement, there is no widely agreed upon definition or global ranking.

Two of the most comprehensive indices are:

• The World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI), which measures the performance of 139 economies in leveraging information and communications technologies (ICT) to boost competitiveness, innovation, and well-being

• The United Nations’ ITU Development Index, which is based on access, use, and skills sub-indices in relation to ICT

PTE writing sample papers-summarize written text practice

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32 thoughts on “PTE writing sample papers-summarize written text practice 94

  1. 1- Australia’s food system has developed and risen up over the past centuries, however, it should be considered by some other aspects such as food economy which can substantially affect the life of the Asian middle-class consumer.

    2- The World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and The United Nations’ ITU Development Index are two more effective measurements which are using for scaling the effect of digital technology on economy and society.

  2. Australia’s food has grown up and devloped when laying foundation for food economic and food produser deliver on and capture the valu of promice.

  3. The speaker said that Australian food system has grown and evolved hundred of years however Australian should be laying the foundation for a food economy or achieve high values in the mind and stomach.

  4. Australia’s food system has served much for our economic prosperity but this system is at risk in the domain of food fraud and in achieving higher value of consumer by delivering on and capturing the value of product’s promise.

  5. Australia’s food system which has been the key contributor to Australia’s economy needs to deliver on its promise both inside and across the national borders to sustain its business and operate successfully.

  6. Adequate usage of Digital technology in government and business operations lead to economic and societal impacts but there is no globally trusted mechanism to measure the engagement level yet there are couple of popular indices worth watching for your observation.

  7. Australia’s food system needs help to survive its organic promises, economic values to achieve well grown food system to serve economic wealth in both inside and beyond borders.

  8. Digital technology has the power to change economies and societies dramatically by considering that facts the two major indices The World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and The United Nations’ ITU Development Index measures distinct aspects based on performance of information, communications technologies and on access of it to boost innovations, competitiveness, and well-being.

  9. Digital technology can be measured in two indices first NRI and secondly ICT but Governement , business and indiviual need to actievly participate to reap the benifts of technology

  10. Australia food industry should not stop delivering to its promise to the growing middle-class consumer in Asia in order to establish the food economy despite the emerging threat of food fraud.

  11. The Australian food system that has evolved over a long time is now at risk of food fraud, which can be mitigated by moving the source of food close of the point of end consumption.

    Digital engagement of various stakeholders of society, which is one of the vital change agents in economy and society, can be measured using Network Readiness Index (NRI) and ITU development Index.

  12. Australian food system served many people and support economically but faced numerous problems because of food frauds and making possible delivery of organic food cross borders and end of consumption can help Australia to accomplish their goals

  13. In spite of having food industry developed over hundred years, there is high risk of growing stomachs of Asian middle-class consumer, hence, Australia need to give promise about food.

  14. The World Economic forum’s Networked Redlines Index and the United Nation’s ITU Developments Index are indices measure factors that comprise.

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  15. The Australia’s food system has developed and supported its economic prosperity, but it might be at risk of food fraud, which need help to deliver food on its promises.

  16. Economies and societies have changed dramatically due to the digital technology, which are measured in distinct indices to encourage competitiveness, innovation, well-being, uses and skills.

  17. Governments, business and individuals engagement is required to change the economies and societies using Digital technology and though we have many indices to do this engagement, most comprehensive indices are The world economic forum’s NRI and the united nation’s ITU Development index.

  18. Though Australia’s food system had contributed to the economic growth in the earlier years, the current adulterations in the food domain causes a serious concern to the food economy which needs to be addressed to keep up the integrity among the consumers.

  19. At a time where Australia’s food system is at risk of food fraud, we want to help Australian food producers deliver on their promise to produce good quality food for Australians and Asian middle-class consumers.

  20. Digital engagement is important to reap the benefits of digital technology but since there are numerous factors that comprise engagement, scaling the different areas of digital engagement is difficult and global ranking is not clearly defined.

  21. Australia’s food system has been outstandingly developed over the past years that
    helped the economy strived however there were problems about it’s deliveries that the
    food value is not what it’s expected and this must be carefully address.

    Digital technologies is capable of putting the economy and society to be well
    developed however the engagement to these has many unacceptable measures to governments,
    business and individuals.

  22. Digital Technology has the potentially to change economies and societies if actively participated by governments, businesses and individuals and is measured by two major indices ‘World Economic Forum’ and United Nations’ ITU development index.

  23. A well-established Australian food system which supports countries economy is at greater risk, and efforts are required to deliver the Australian food as per the commitment within and outside the boundaries.

  24. Digital technology, depending on its level of implementation, offers enormous potential in introducing disruptive changes to the way governments, businesses and individuals currently function and its level of engagement can be measured by monitoring a vast number of factors or via comprehensive indices such as NRI or ITU.

  25. Digital technology, that is tracked by two most comprehensive indices namely NRI & ITU, can bring revolutionary advancements to governments, enterprises and citizens, but its full potential can only be exploited by deep engagement and integration into our daily life.

  26. Digital Technology have power to transform economic and societies, but involvement of government, business and individual required to get advantages which technological world provides, although there are many indices to measure digital engagement, but two most comprehensive are Networked Readiness Index and ITU development Index.

    Australian food system progressed for centuries and supported economic prosperity, but today the system is at risk by food fraud, and this is the right time to device food economy especially for Asian middle class consumers.

  27. Though there are no agreed factors to measure the digital engagement, however, two factors are widely accepted to determine the global ranking of a country, which is the World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index (NRI) and the United Nations’ ITU Development Index.

  28. Though digital technology has high potential to change the economy and society, engagement is vital to maximize the benefit and most famous indices, which effectively measures it, are Network Readiness Index and ITU Development Index.

  29. 1. Australian food economy should be overhauled to deliver higher value even outside its borders.

    2. NRI and ITU Development Index are two comprehensive indices to measure digital engagement of various participating countries, although there is no widely agreed global standard.

  30. Although Australian food system has delivered remarkably and brought economic growth, it’s biggest risk and opportunity is to cater to the growing Asian middle – class consumers , for which we will provide aid to deliver and meet its promise.

  31. Australia’s food system has grown and evolved over hundreds of years which served Australians well and underpinned the system of our economic prosperity, but the system at risk larger or more real than in the domain of food fraud.

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