PTE writing practice paragraphs-summarize written text 95

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You will have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.Toronto’s economy remains healthy and growing, with construction, transportation, warehousing, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing all contributing to this growth. According to the Conference Board of Canada, Toronto’s construction sector growth achieved a 14-year high thanks to a 46 percent rise in housing starts—most of those multifamily units—with GDP forecast to remain steady at 2.6 percent in 2016 and 2017.
Optimism is the predominant attitude regarding the Toronto real estate market, though it is tempered by a measure of caution. The residential market generally remains strong, with solid sales volumes and rising prices, buoyed by a strong local economy, steady immigration, and low-interest rates. Few if any foresee the situation reversing anytime soon, barring an unexpected hike in interest rates, an economic shock, or a sharp drop in immigration. The lack of supply of available land is seen as a key factor contributing to the market’s rapidly rising house prices. Due to the high cost of moving, more homeowners are choosing to stay put and invest in renovations; one interviewee remarked that there have been record numbers of requests for permits to renovate existing homes. With no real factors reducing demand, developers and builders will continue to face supply-side issues. Many respondents believe that government land use policies are a factor holding back supply. Some developers are also holding back on releasing new projects until all costs are fixed and to shorten the gap between sales and delivery; this will put more pressure on supply in the near future.

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2.The last decade’s doubling of capital expenditures has helped accomplish some critical upgrades to the US electric and natural gas infrastructure. It is already beginning to make the electric grid more reliable, resilient, flexible, and clean. Similarly, gas infrastructure investment is enhancing pipeline safety, bringing new shale supplies to market and sharply reducing natural gas and electricity commodity prices for customers. In several areas of investment, like grid modernization and upgrading the gas distribution system, there is still a long way to go and substantial additional investment will be needed over many years. But most of these investments will bring future benefits by enabling the flexible grid of the future, and helping to avoid costly and potentially tragic disasters such as long-term, large-scale electricity outages or gas system explosions.
So far, these investments have been partially offset by lower fuel costs enabled by the shale revolution and the general downturn in oil and gas prices. Most utility customers have not seen sharp increases in their bills, but that could change. Factors such as rising natural gas prices could increase customer bills and make state utility commissions less amenable to rate hikes to cover capital investment programs.

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PTE writing practice paragraphs-summarize written text


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  1. Toronto’s economy is losing its confidence in the real market supply due to rapidly increasing an unexpected house prices, an economic shocks, a sharp drop in immigration or a government land policies.

  2. The oil fuel cost has been decreasing due to doubling of capital expenditures which has helped to upgrades of the US electric and natural gas infrastructure in several areas like improved distribution system, the flexible grid, or avoiding tragic disasters but result of it, could hikes the customer bills and rate to cover capital.

  3. US expenditure on electric and natural gas has brought positive results, but lower fuel prices are slowing down the investing process and a rise in natural gas price could impact customers negatively as the state utility will try to recover money used in investing.

  4. Toronto’s economy growth is steady because of many influential factors primarily real estate but this situation can be reversible by rise in interest rates and fall in immigration, this concerns the respondents and developers to match the supply and demand in the near future.

  5. Doubling of capital expenditure has modernized US electric and natural gas infrastructure which reduced the consumer bills and tragic incidents but this will not long enough with the increase of natural gas prices and interest rate hikes to balance the investment programs.

  6. capital expenditure has doubled to upgrade the US electric and natural gas infrastructure ;moreover, other factors should not be forgotten by those utility bills could be increased.

  7. Toronto real estate is facing supply issues due to government policies, which might increase the cost of residential houses in future, hence it will force people to renovate their existing house, resulting in slowing down the pace of real estate sector.

  8. Rise in fuel and natural gas prices is the main reason for increasing the utililty bills for customers, which is also forcing the government not to hike the electricity and gas prices, in order to recover the investment done in setting up the infrastructure in past decade.

  9. Doubling the capital investment in US electric and gas infrastructure has robust the US electric and gas infrastructure which lead sharp reduction in gas and electricity bills for customers and also preventing potentially tragic disasters; however, factor as such raising natural gas prices may increase customer bills.

  10. Toronto economy growth steady because of many influential factors mainly due to rapid growth in construction sector but this situation can be reversible by raise in interest rates, sharp fall in immigration, govenment land policies, and rapdily increasing house prices, this concerns the repondents and developers to match the supply and demand in near future.

  11. Toronto’s economy remains stable however there may be a chance to reverse the current situation due to increase in interest rates, fall in immigration, limitation of available lands and government land use policies so that people will select the option of renovating their houses instead of building new ones which has a direct impact on developers.

  12. US electric and natural gas infrastructure has been upgraded by doubling the capital expenditure hence reliability and safety has increased and customer commodity prices are decreased however there is a positive correlation between natural gas prices and utility bills.

  13. US electric and natural gas infrastructure has lowered the cost of fuel by using modern technology to satisfy the customers in several categories of expenditure.

  14. Economy of Toronto is seeing an upward trend with all the sectors contributing to the growth, but real estate in particular has been contributing significantly for the growth with no signs of demand reducing.

    Capital investments made in US electric and natural gas infrastructure has made the grid safe and flexible without increase in consumer bills, but the prices may go up in future.

  15. 1.Due to government policy on lands, house prices are up surging, which may impact the residential market in Toronto, so government should intervene and sort this out to avoid future chaos.

  16. Toronto is growing city with maximum contribution to its GDP from construction sector and which is predicted to be dominant in near future too because of growing demand for housing and hike in prices, However, some house owners are happy to invest in renovation of their existing house and this may be a bad news for real estate sector.

  17. Toronto’s economic prosperous growth due to number of 46 percentages rising in housing projects and one of the main reason of rising house prices due to having less available land for project.

  18. Toronto’s GDP forecasted to steady at 2.6 percent during 2016 and 2017 due to the pressure on supply and the gap between sales and delivery.

  19. US electric and natural gas infrastructure have been upgraded by doubling the capital expenditures, which has enhanced the pipeline safety and reduces the their respective prices for customers.

  20. Toronto’s economy is healthy and all the sectors are contributing to this especially construction sector which has seen 46% rise because of strong local economy, steady immigration and low interest rates; but housing prices are increasing quite rapidly due to shortage of available land which is caused by government land use policies and now due to high cost many homeowners are renovating existing homes instead of going for new house.

  21. Although toronto’s economy is showing a steady growth,there are chances of a reverse situation due to lack of supply of available land caused by change in government policies which may result in high prices for houses .

  22. Toranto’s economy has healthy growth due to many contributing factors and Real estate market with good GDP forecast is the major factor according to Conference board of Canada because of solid sales volume and prices, how ever there may be a chance to put more pressure in future due to developers strategies in real estate business.

  23. Construction is the major earning sector in Toronto’s economy with compare to all other sectors by achieving 14 years high thus, the prices of land are high and hence people spend money on renovations rather than buying new hesitate and builders have to face the supply-side issues.

  24. In Toronto, Canada where optimism is the main practice on the real estate market
    have been experiencing factors lacking of land supply which resulted to expensive
    house prices that most of the people chose to stay to invest in renovations and this
    will affect the supply in the future.

  25. Ten years ago, the capital of expenditure in the US doubled that help developed more
    their electric and natural gas to become more usable and affordable to customers
    but this may change in the future if the prices of natural gas will increase.

  26. Although Toronto’s economy is expected to flourish with stable GDP forecast, there might be chances of a turnaround due to the elevation in interest rate, deficient housing demand and fall in immigration resulting in widening the gap between supply and demand, especially for the housing sector.

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  27. Toronto has healthy and growing economy but it is losing its shine in real estate market as lack of available land has increased house prices due to which people prefer renovations to new houses moreover government land use policies also holding back supply.

  28. Though crucial update of the US electric and natural gas system is a great achievement but still, a lot of investment is required in areas like grid modernization and gas distribution system upgrades that would help in future by avoiding electric outages and gas explosions.

  29. Toronto’s economy stays always surplus with marketing contribution with key factor contributing to the market’s rapidly rising house prices, solid sales volume and less interest rates, moreover developers are also holding back on releasing new projects until new costs are fixed.

  30. The US has been helping with expenditure in last 20 years for upgrade capital and these investments will brings many amenities to overcome many problems, moreover increasing price of gases could hole in the pockets of consumers.

  31. The government’s land use policies, developer’s financial forecasting and lack of adequate land for construction has impacted the supply component of residential units that may impact the real estate sector that was once supposed to be the highest contributor to Toronto’s economy.

  32. Investment made on the infrastructure had bolster the US electric and natural gas industry to cut the natural-gas prices and improved the safety, but this could not sustain for long and consumers might have to pay more due to rise in commodity prices.

  33. Increased capital investments in US electric and natural gas industry in recent times had resulted in many tangible benefits and modernization of infrastructure with very less hikes in customer bills, but experts argue the lower cost impact may be short lived which might change with the escalation of gas and oil prices that are currently subdued.

  34. Although, construction business is a major sector which provides steady growth in Toronto’s economy, but the lack of land, high migration cost and government’s land policies are decreasing the hosing sale in real estate market.

  35. Toronto’s economy remains healthy especially construction sector which has seen highest growth in 14 years due to a strong residential market demand however Government land use policies are creating supply side issues causing rapid rise in house prices and hence making many developers being cautious and holding them on releasing new projects until supply situation improves.

  36. Significant investments in the last decade has significantly improved safety & reliability of the US electric and natural gas infrastructure helping reduction in electricity and natural gas prices however further substantial investment will be required in grid modernisation and upgrading gas distribution system which combined with rising natural gas prices, may increase customer utility bills.

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