PTE Retell Lecture template and sample answers

PTE Retell Lecture Template

In this lecture, the speaker explains the major information about “Topic”.
According to the speaker, he/she mentions that “NP” or “keyword, keyword and keyword” is/are important.
Moreover, what the speaker is trying to say is that “NP” or “keyword, keyword and keyword” is/are relevant.
Last but not least, the speaker highlights the importance of “NP” by suggesting that “NP” or “keyword, keyword and keyword” is/are crucial.
Generally speaking, this lecture is about “NP” which is very informative and organized.
Considering what has been mentioned before, the lecture is accurate and concise, which can be used as a reference for future studies with the same objective. In general, we can learn a lot of information from this lecture.

Retell Lecture template 2

The main idea of the lecture was about the impacts of (main topic).
First and foremost the speaker was discussing phrase1.
He then talked about phrase 2 and phrase 3.
Finally, he mentioned phrase 4 and phrase 5.
Overall it can be concluded that this lecture is having crucial information about the topic, strongly supported by important facts and figures, and have great impact on (main topic).

Retell Lecture Example:

1. Retell lecture-Air pollution

The lecture was discussing the difference between air pollution in the 1950s and in recent years. She explained that in the 1950s, factories were the main source of air pollution releasing visible black smoke and fog, which caused many diseases and even death; however, they stopped after imposing clean act regulation. She also mentioned that these days, the source of air pollution has been changed and people are still struggling with new invisible pollution released from cars and Lorries because people are more vehicle dependent.

2. Retell lecture-Thermodynamics

The lecture was discussing thermodynamics, which is about transferring of heat, temperature, and their relation to energy and work. The speaker mentioned that most of the thermodynamics laws are firmly constant and unchangeable; however, there are some exceptions. He mentioned that these exceptions happen when kinetic energy of molecules takes into account, which is about the random motions of atoms. In conclusion, the lecture described some of the thermodynamic processes.

3. Retell lecture-Monkeys and Typewriters theorem

The lecture was discussing the monkey and typewriter theorem, which express people believe that if a monkey hitting the random key of the typewriter, a complete work of Shakespeare takes more than 600 million years, while the computer can do this within a day. The speaker concluded that this assumption is just possible in mathematics not in reality.

4. Retell Lecture-Joseph Lister

The lecture was discussing a non-famous academic person inventing medicine used to prevent infection during the operation process. The speaker mentioned that Lister successfully found carbolic acid in order to sterilize surgical instruments and to clean wounds, which led to a reduction in postoperative infections and made surgery safer for patients.

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