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How to structure a academic essay-steps explained

Academic essay structure
Academic Essay Structure

Academic essay writing structure varies from business report writing, research papers, thesis, essays, etc. It has a severe structure including the content and headings from section to section.The basic writing structure is the same for all including the beginning, middle, and end that covers the introduction, body sentences, and the conclusion. It depends on the writing style how much you can extend the context by your ideas. The typical pattern of academic writing follows the following manner for writing:


An introduction demonstrates the brief structure of your topic. An excellent introduction to your topic can be a summarized form of your topic where you can discuss the main problem(s).

Topic Statement

The statement of the topic in a thesis allows the readers to get the concept of the aim of the study. It should be a precise statement that delivers the main idea to the readers.


The sentences of the topic deliver the central idea to the readers to clarify the topic in detail. It can be in paragraph form that will cover the areas of study and will clear the idea behind the theme for the audiences.

Body Paragraphs

The paragraphs in the body section explain the topic in more detail by highlighting each and every aspect of the study/argument. It goes in-depth with persuasive arguments, several outlines and description in detail that clarify the research topic completely.


The conclusion will summarize your findings with firm arguments and references. In the end, that will support your study, and it may also lead to some future indication for the researchers. That can be accessed through newspapers, journals, articles, etc.

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