PTE essay-Does television removes our loneliness or not? Discuss

PTE essay Television

PTE essay Television

Television can be a medium to increase a person’s feelings of belongingness in this word. According to various studies, television can be a great way of promoting the social situation of the watchers as it connects them with the characters in there. In short, television acts as a gateway for the people to drift away with their lonely lives and connect more proficiently.

The relationship we build might not be a real one, but it will surely boost up the morale and character in some way. This can be great when it comes to tackling the feeling of social isolation or worse the rejection.
There can be a number of perspectives to look at this, if you’re an elder person or a home-bound who is no longer in contact with many people then television can surely be a great deal for you. Relief is what we’re looking forward to in terms of television and it is doing its job for years.

Although this all sounds pretty fascinating, a hefty amount of watching television can cost you your precious time and in some cases health too. One must not get addicted to any of it, television is there to entertain you, always remember that.

Television is also referred to as an idiot box, but this idiot has always been a great friend of ours. Our revolutionary world is changing, technology is the sole driver of all the changes. Television can surely help someone surpass their loneliness and connect with things more fruitfully.

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2 thoughts on “PTE essay-Does television removes our loneliness or not? Discuss

  1. is this essay is about benefits of tv, but your answer is all based on reality show.

  2. It is an irrefutable fact, in the contemporary word Television has become biggest friend to do time-pass and to avoid sadness.
    As, many channels are available and one can tune channel depends on one’s likeness.

    Sometimes back there were very few TV channels and people were forced to watch them and TV was very costly as well. As, the technology evolved and competition increased many private companies has started many channel base on the audience likeness. So, TV has become a new way to remove sadness. One can tune the program and select channel or even subscribe likewise channel. Additionally, TV is available easily, even in distant places and one can even watch channel base on the one’s flexibility. Moreover, in the fast pace world where everyone is busy in their work they can watch channel anytime.

    As per many of the researches, researcher suggest to watch TV at-least for one hour to overcome from the daily frustration. For instance, my younger brother was doing a job in the USA and he used to frustrate due to his job nature. One day he met with the doctor and based on the doctor consultation he started watching a comedy program. And, now he is perfectly fine.

    In a conclusion, TV helps a lot to overcome from loneliness and one should spend some of his time in watching television.

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