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How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Definition & Tips

Argumentative essay

How to write an argumentative essay? What to write an argumentative essay? Which issues should be discussed in this essay? Tips how to do it efficiently.

Argumentative Essay: Definition & Tips

Argumentative essay: what do you think? Is it easy or difficult to write? If you have an argumentative essay as a home assignment, you are lucky, as this essay allows you to show all your thinking power.

In this kind of essay, you are trying to win the reader. Even if you are proving an absolutely crazy idea, if you manage to convince your reader that your idea is the right one, your argumentative essay can be considered a success.

The Main Idea Is to Understand the Topic

An argumentative essay doesn’t allow incompetence. Have you made a proper research on the topic? Have you explored all opposing views and checked how you can confront them? Even if you cannot prove that your idea is the best one, even if you cannot offer the solution, do not worry. Your main task is to show that you have a point of view and you are willing to explore it in more detail.

If you Don’t Understand the Terminology, Proving Your Idea May Be Difficult

Check the terminology that is used in the sphere. How can you write about something, moreover, how can you prove your point of view, how can you even have that point of view, if you don’t know the field? Maybe it is better to choose the topic which you know? Something from your specialization would work perfectly.

Understand What You Want to Achieve in the End

You cannot start writing a paper if you don’t know what the final goal is. The result of your essay shall be the interest of your reader in your topic, the willingness to continue the work in this area, or the willingness to prove that your idea isn’t right. When you write a paper, your target is any reaction, agreement or disagreement of your reader.

Choose the Topic

You better select an original topic, though, it shall fit in the sphere. Are you interested in the topic enough to write about it? Do you have enough materials? Can you write about the topic passionately? If yes, then go on, write your perfect argumentative essay!

Test Your View

Find peers with whom you can discuss it. This can be your classmate, your friend, your brother – anybody with whom you can debate. Try to make a discussion where your view will be argued, where you have to prove your position and give arguments. If the person runs out of arguments, you can write an essay and apply those materials that have been discussed. Use the same arguments and proofs.

Who Is Your Audience?

Always keep in mind those for whom you are writing. Is your essay aimed at your friends, classmates or just your teacher? Should your papercheap approach be opted-in for a more quality alternative?

● Think about the age of your reader, as the essay language will depend on it;

● Background of the audience matters. You write in one language for a university professor but you use a completely different style for your classmate;

● If you are writing a presentation for a bigger audience, again, the style will be different.

You shall consider all these moments to make your essay appropriate for the situation and the reader.

Rhetorical Situation Is in the Centre

Always keep in mind the rhetorical situation. Check all issues and matters surrounding your topic. Make sure you understand all of them correctly. Check if you can respond to them appropriately. This is important if your opponents will want to ask you questions or to dispute your views.

Conclusion Does Not Necessarily Give the Canned Solution

In the conclusion, you don’t have to give the canned solution. Yes, you’d better prove your ideas, give the explanation of your views. But it is not always possible to provide an answer to all. It is ok if you leave it open for those who will get interested in the topic and will be willing to make a further research.


An argumentative essay is challenging and interesting. In this kind of paper, you unveil all your knowledge and ability to think critically. All you have to do is to know the topic and prepare your paper appropriately.

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