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The presented graph illustrates the annual fluctuation in the IPP price of diesel in the two comparative years 2005 & 2006. Its evidential from the spikes that prices went up in May in 2005 and in June in 2006. The prices continued to rise and increase till November in 2005 and post that there is a decline in December. in 2006 prices remain steady from June to September and then gradually prices gradually keep declining until the end of the year.

Pie chart

Describe image sample

The pie chart illustrates the salience of sales of various kind of spices. It’s pretty much clear that Saffron contributed the highest sales mix followed by ginger cumin and turmeric. Mace, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Paprika contributed the lowest.

Line graph

Describe image sample

The bar graph depicts the holiday destinations preferred by Indonesians. The no.1 destination was Someland by 10 million Indonesians and this is followed by Japan (8 million), Australia (seven hundred thousand), Korea (six hundred thousand), Sri Lanka(slightly above four hundred thousand) and lastly, Pakistan(slightly below four hundred thousand). Overall, Indonesia holidaymakers give top preference to Someland and least preference to Pakistan.

Another sample

The bar graph illustrates the various holiday destinations preferred by Indonesians. It is of note that the Someland was the most popular with 1 million giving preference, followed by Japan at precisely 0.8 million. Moving on to Australia approximately 0.7 million Indonesians visited, whereas Korea stood for 0.6 million. Finally, Srilanka and Pakistan were the least preferred with just over and just under 0.4 million respectively. To sum up, I will say that Indonesians gave the most preference to Some land and the least to Pakistan.

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