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Large shopping malls are replacing small shops.What’s your opinion? Good or bad?

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What's your opinion? Good or bad?
Large shopping malls are replacing small shops essay

Large shopping malls are spreading their wings all around the globe by replacing traditional small shops. It is becoming apparent in all urban areas. It is agreed that mall culture should be promoted but, not at the cost of small shops. This will be analyzed by looking at how convenience and economic benefits have made them the most preferred choice for customers.

To begin with, the infrastructure of big malls facilitates consumers to shop conveniently. For example, malls are equipped with large parking spaces, lavatories, food courts, air conditioning, and entertainment areas which makes them much more desirable than small shops. One can spend an entire day with their family or friends as there is something for everyone. Looking at this example it is clear why malls are preferred over shops. Thus, they are considered better from all aspects by the majority of shoppers.

Moreover, malls are proven good for the economy as they can generate more income, create many employment opportunities. For instance, the sheer size and variety of products attract many people. Consequently, malls earn a lot of income as well as generate mass employment opportunities. This proves why they are replacing small shops. From this one can conclude that uptrend in mall culture is definitely better.

This analysis proves that significant economic benefits and ease of shopping experience have made malls desirable over traditional shops. In a nutshell, albeit there are some benefits of small shops, the advantages of large malls outweigh them. So it is predicted that this changing trend will continue in near future.

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4 thoughts on “Large shopping malls are replacing small shops.What’s your opinion? Good or bad?

  1. Some people are comfortable with the presence of large Shopping malls that incorporates a bunch of shops separately for different household chores; be this clothing, Kitchenware, commodities of daily use. Beside above all, modern shopping malls, now being built feature recreational and indoor gaming facilities Gym, a Cinema and food-courts. However, with this trend apart, the businesses are facing criticism, optimally forced to transform these malls to small shops.
    In this essay, I will express as to why the concept of huge shopping malls is being discouraged the presence of future malls should incorporate more features than an ordinary workplace.
    Firstly, take a look at prospective shopper, wishing to complete the purchase of daily household chores with one single unit. As such, families cannot afford to keep their children back home unsupervised. However, at the same time families would not like being disrupted in the middle of shopping. Modern Shopping malls are the answer, as it incorporates features of a modern recreational place beside providing a one-window shopping for customers. Separately built-up areas are being reserved for kids’ entertainment and for the families’ wishing to relax after spending a day in shopping other household needs.
    On the contrary, opponents wishing to discourage this trend cite their argument on this fact that for the miniscule needs, visiting shopping malls is not the absolute choice. Moreover, shopping malls put so much pressure on low-income families that people are forced to purchase goods often not for immediate need. Time is another factor opponents take extra care for. Families entering shopping malls are forced to purchase in the shopping spree, hence cannot afford to bargain for money or conduct scrutiny for the quality of a product. It has been observed that people buy faulty items from the shopping malls and after discovering, they rush back to mall-management for replacement or return. While small shops do not offer many items on sale, it is very common to purchase the product of right amount and of quality.
    To this end, while shopping malls are equipped with complete household necessities of an average family. However, to make products more competitive and affordable for normal shoppers, it is important to revamp rules of the game to thrive in the business fraternity.

  2. Large shopping mall are spreading their wings all around the globe by replacing small shops. The mall culture is promoted all over the world. In this essay I will discuss the advantages of large shopping malls and by people are preferring.

    To begin with, infrastructure of the mall facilitates consumer to shop more conveniently. For example, the parking place, variety of items ,food court and entertainment.Usually for small shops people have to move for each item, but here they can shop the kitchen items,clothes ,food stuff from one place. People can spend the entire day with family and friends.

    Moreover, the big shopping malls provide more income and more employment opportunity. As the people are preferring shopping mall which provide many items and thus increase the income and for this employment opportunities increases .

    In conclusion, we can say that the ease of shopping and the economic benefits uptrend the shopping malls. small shops have some advantages but the advantages of shopping mall over weigh them. Thus, shopping mall are better than small shops.

  3. I wrote PTE two days ago and I had this question as the essay. I was very happy because I came through this essay at the last minute. Thanks to this site.

  4. In this decade, large-scale shopping malls are widely spread around the globe by replacing traditional small shops. Malls were able to get customers’ attraction more than any other individual shops. I strongly agreed that mall culture should be promoted under the fair price. In this essay, this will be analyzed with providing crucial details and will come to a logical conclusion.
    To begin with, the amenities of big shopping malls are provided for consumers to shop conveniently. For instance, the mall is fully equipped with large parking slots, washrooms, food courts, cinemas, entertainment areas, and air-conditioning, which makes customers feel more comfortable and much easier than a small shop. Therefore, it is a place that families and friends can enjoy an entire day with experiencing global products under one shelter. Shopping malls are considered the best secure place to purchase genuine products with a guarantee and no fake products are allowed to sell.
    Moreover, malls generate more revenue than ordinary shops due to the number of consumer visits are extremely in a remarkable place. Generally, the mall concept comes along with attractive architectural design. Hence, customers have a chance to see those things while having their shopping experience. As a result, malls earn a lot of income as well as generate mass employment opportunities. A traditional shop never able to create this kind of environment, therefore, mall culture is definitely in a better position.
    To conclude, even though there are some benefits to small shops, the advantages of large malls outweigh them. Above analysis is proved that mall concept is far better than small shops and it is predicted that this changing trend will continue in the near future.

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