PTE Reading filling the blanks- PTE filling blanks

PTE Reading filling the blanks


Behanzin ruled the West African 1……..0f Dahomey at the end of the nineteenth century. a time when Europeans were doing their utmost to colonise Africa. Behanzin put up extremely 2………. resistance. He did this with the 3………. of an army, including five thousand female warriors. He is often called King Shark. a name suggesting 4……. and wisdom. Famed for being a 5………  as well as a warrior, he wrote some of the most beautiful songs ever produced in Dahomey.
 aid    battle    kingdom   light   poet   poweriul   monarch   strength


There are two basic branches of the science of astronomy: observational and theoretical. Observational astronomy. as the name suggests. is concerned with observing the 1….. and then analyzing the observations, using the 2……..of physics. Theoretical astronomy focuses more on developing computer or analytical models to 3….. astronomical phenomena. The two 4………..complement each other, with observational astronomers attempting to 5……… theoretical results, and theoreticians aiming to explain what has been observed.
    angles   confirm   describe   effects   fields   principles   reason   skies


An investigation into the study habits of undergraduates was carried out by a 1….. of researchers at a number of different universities. In all the universities 2…… in the study. it was found that there were the 3…… significant differences between the habits of arts and science students. Not surprisingly perhaps. arts students read more 4…..[. while science students tended to concentrate on a few 5…… texts.

  core    heavily   involving   participating    same    staff    team    widely 

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PTE filling the blanks

ANSWERS: – PTE Reading filling the blanks


1 kingdom: collocation with ruled 2 powerful: adjective required (suggested by extremely)

2 powerful: adjective required (suggested by extremely)
3 aid: collocation in the phrase with the aid of
4 strength: noun required (strength is a quality of a shark)

5 poet: suggested by wrote songs


1 skies: noun required (the other words don’t create meaning in context)
2 principles: noun required (the other words don’t create meaning in context)
3 describe: verb required (models can describe but not confirm)
4 fields: plural required (fields suggested by text describing two kinds of astronomy)
5 confirm: verb required (the other words don’t create meaning in context)


1 team: collocation with researchers

2 participating: participle required (involving would require a direct object)
3 same: adjective required {suggested by in all the universities}
4 widely: adverb required: collocation with reading (we don’t say read heavily)
5 core: adjective required (suggested by concentrate on few)


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