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PTE Academic short questions answers

short questions answers
PTE Academic short questions answers

  1. What is the name of ground military forces? – Army
  2. What is someone that can’t see called? – Blind
  3. What do you call the middle of something? – Center
  4. Whose job is it to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital? – Doctor
  5. What is the process of teaching and learning called? – Education
  6. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life? – Autobiography
  7. What is the red liquid that flows through a body? – Blood
  8. What is the payment of a students education by an organization called? – scholarship
  9. What is piece of paper with official information written on it? – document
  10. What is the name of a building where you can borrow books? – library
  11. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries? – baker
  12. What organ controls your speech, feelings, body movement and thoughts? – brain
  13. What piece of equipment shows a person what direction they are traveling? – compass
  14. What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping? – dream
  15. What is a that person belongs to an organization called? – member
  16. Who cuts men’s hair? – barber
  17. What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other? – conversation
  18. What is a violent conflict between two or more countries? – war
  19. What do you call the number of people living in a specific area? – population
  20. What do you call a person that can’t hear? – deaf
  21. What is the day that someone is born? – birthday
  22. What plan shows how much money is available and how it will be spent? – budget
  23. What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their leaders? – democracy
  24. What planet do we live on? – earth
  25. What is the job of someone that looks after your teeth and gums? – dentist
  26. what is the time period before noon is called? – ante meridian
  27. what is the time after noon called? – post meridian
  28. What organ do cardiologists specialize in? – Heart

PTE Academic short questions answers sample

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