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How to Score higher in Retell Lecture – PTE Academic Speaking


Retell Lecture tips


Re-tell lecture can be sometimes difficult for the students who are not accustomed to English lectures. But don’t lose your heart, here are some of the retell lecture tips that can work for you:

1) Get accustomed to the accent of the English speakers. You can do this by listening to any lectures in the English Language with captions. This particular tip is for those candidates who are finding it difficult to pick the right accent. Believe me, keep watching and listening to such lectures and I am sure you’ll benefit.

2) Make points quickly while listening to the lectures.

3) Understand what the lecture is about. For instance: it may be related to pollution, mathematics, museum, education etc.

4) You are also sometimes given the picture/ graph on the screen. This is quite helpful as you can at least get a hint about what the lecture is about. If you are not able to write many points from the lecture then at least you can speak about the information given in the picture or graph.

5) Listen regularly to short or long lecture on Youtube or similar websites. This is helpful to understand the accent.

6) If you don’t have much content to speak about then slow down your pace for speaking and try to remember some of the key points and try to explain it.

7) You can start by saying – The lecture is about ……………………………………………………

8) You may also use – The lecturer gives an example of …………………, The lecturer gives emphasis on ………….., In addition to this he/ she also talks about …

You can practice re-tell lecture exercises here.

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12 thoughts on “How to Score higher in Retell Lecture – PTE Academic Speaking

  1. hello sir i am really confused in my speaking section i will try again and again but i could not get good band in this section what can i do
    plz help me every time i will do my best. but after that i am bit confused related my bands.

    1. Meenaxi…..
      you just try to speak yourself….. listen to BBC news frequently and try to repeat those sentences said in bbc news.
      start reading novels,newspaper, watch english movies
      these will help you in improving your spesking

  2. Hi plz send me more repeat sentences and short answer questions for practice. I have exam 24th of may. Thanks

  3. Hi, i got 78 in reading…88 in speaking 87 in listening 86 in writing.. plz share some tips to increase my reading score. Struggling for band 8 in reading?

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